Task # 25 Buy Flowers for MYSELF

Flower Power?

This flower business procreated seedlings almost two years ago when daydreaming up my 101 tasks (it IS a daunting number). Those on familarity with my frugal practicality appeared voraciously encouraging to begin to explore my vocal distaste for flowers, and thus, implored adding them to the list. Must say, task #20, kicked my pleasure up a notch: the intrigue, the hope and the rejection all burittoed together in petal like fragility. And task #26, in incognito fanfare, ushered in a questioning of my battle against the bulbs.

Oh! So, any type of tour, I am there. It feeds the little brown nosing teacher’s pet ever present in my personality. It hits the “gotta get my edu-cational fix” just when I need it most. After coping with a cancelled week long retreat, this pst weekend, I decided to take a 24 hour whirlwind tour up to Amsterdam’s Hall of Fame Tulip Garden.

So, yeah,  it took traversing up to the Utopia of Flower-dom, Kukenhof Gardens in Holland to finally master TasK #25: Buy Flowers for myself.  

These gardens, with glorious decay, stirred this petulant passion– ever a strange presence in my alter chambers. I am moving, & moved, all at once…no slowly, in snatches of whispy colors.

 Oh! Breathless, little creatures…walking in this place, the most photographed location in the world, on can help but be inspired. Thoughts of embracing diversity wafted into my heart, as each smile these blooms produced in all of us appreciating them uniquely unfurled themselves. I felt: I am a WONDER. You are a WONDER. I felt sad for all the times I wanted to be like some one else and make some one else like me. I felt sad that I had denied myself the pleasure of their creation in my world for so long, belittling their frivolity just because THEY will not LAST.


Cease the Day, they insist!

The pictures fail to re-capture being ME, THERE. Inadequate for the declaration, the clear terms that

nature loves the idea of the individual,…that something is everywhere, and always amiss…a shaded emptiness like a bubble that not only shape its very structure but that also causes it to list and utimately explode. If you want to live, you have…to die….Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

I gathered up a bunch of tulips in my arms, thankful, that I will witness their glorious demise

I think of the way of knowing you and feel hungry for more.

As ever I am

And you

Knowing yourself, too


6 thoughts on “Task # 25 Buy Flowers for MYSELF

  1. those are stunning flowers 🙂 i love that you bought flowers for yourself. i always hear that as a good thing to do for yourself but i’ve never actually known anyone whose done it. such a lovely idea as flowers on my desk are so lovely 🙂

  2. lovley photos. there is a rose garden a few blocks from my house that i try to visit a few times each summer just ’cause it is so pretty. and i am very glad you bought some for yourself. i used to live near a little shop that had a flower “happy hour” so i would frequently pick some up. unfortunately it went out of business 😦 perhaps that is what you get for giving away your product for next to nothing.

  3. I love flowers. I sometimes buy flowers to myself on a spur of a moment. Those pictures look amazing – looks like a fun trip!

  4. Oh the flowers are AMAZING! I love flowers. They always make me smile.
    Have a great time in Egypt!!! Boy am I jealous. I think Egypt would be so amazing. Please take pictures and post them when you get home!

  5. BTW, I couldn’t agree with you more regarding McDonald’s giving toys/prizes to kids for ordering healthy food. What a great idea. It would never happen. That’s what sort of society we live in 😦

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