Adventures in Wanting: K Chats

"the trees" of Barcelona's La Segrada Familia

As I age, my ongoing lesson pulsates, announcing itself in tides, sometimes hushed, sometimes harried. I will spend the majority of my breathes discerning that which I truly desire, that which would satisfy, that which would fulfill, that which would equip and nourish my beloveds, the earth, the strangers within my unknown human family.

But with all the chatter and clutter, finding this wanting and following it prove an adventure, indeed! That is where my CRAVINGS come in
Consider this:
Saying “yes” is the first step to wanting. It’s welcoming more into my life. It’s taking up more space, in every sense. Wanting something — food and otherwise — expands who we are (and, yes, I’m aware of all the symbolic phrasing here). Denying and resisting keeps our bubbles (and our selves) very small, seemingly easier to manage. But, eventually, you disappear, literally. Our desires give us shape. Our passions give us form.
This wanting, from Adventures in Wanting, inspired me. So I asked Ms. Kim, to discess with me her journey of wanting. 
Can you describe your blog title?
I’ve been experimenting more with saying “yes.”  And, slowly, I’m learning to want things — whether it’s an entire pizza or a new purse or affection from my husband. It’s about not fearing my desires like I have in the past. There is no shame in wanting.
I loved your post about yoga. It is MY CRAVING! Why do you yoga?
 Yoga is a part of saying “yes.” For me, yoga gives me time to connect with my body. I love feeling my muscles open up. It helps me stay focused for my day (which is why I do it in the morning). And, most importantly, it teaches me so much about surrender and humility. I have fallen many-a-time in poses, or gotten extremely frustrated and cursed under my breath while holding a pose. Over time, I see how it gets easier when I make the choice to just stop struggling. Yoga has helped me have so much more peace with myself.
  What positions bring about “balance” for you and why?
I absolutely love triangle pose. There is something about the symmetry of it, stretching toward the sky, that makes me feel really centered. I also love twisting triangle and half moon. For some reason, that side angle, with the stretch upwards really balances me. 
  In what areas of your life do you demonstrate flexibility?
For the record, I am extremely inflexible mentally, though I’ve always been pretty flexible physically. I’m pretty rigid with routines. I love structure and schedules. Yoga has taught me that it’s okay to let go a bit sometimes. Plans change and nothing drastic and terrible happens. I can deal with life’s curveballs much better now. I’ve gotten way more flexible with work situations. I used to get so stressed out with added assignments and things, but I take it in stride now. I love the idea in yoga about not being attached to outcomes. We can have goals and plans, but getting attached to something going a specific way is a really hard way to live. It leads to inevitable disappointment.
 In what areas of your life do you demonstrate adherence or rule-following?
As I said above, food is one area when I have lots of rules still. I am trying to get away from seeing foods as “good” or “bad,” as I don’t think food is truly a  moral dilemma. It’s all about choosing what’s best for our individual bodies. I’m also pretty strict with myself at work. I’ve always been the type A, do-gooder, teacher’s pet, so I’ve had to learn to let go in that area. I’ve seen that making mistakes, forgetting an appointment, etc does not have dire consequences. It’s just life. 

If you had $10 to spend in a grocery store on 3 items, what would they be?

Peanut butter, a loaf of good bread, and a bunch of bananas. That’s my favorite sandwich combo right there.
Thanks, Kim. Sharing  should inspire us to seek our desires…recognize and valiate them.
I also tune into my wants on the mat, holding tight and letting go, and leaning into the wild adventure of my inherently good, wants.
So….What do YOU want?

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Wanting: K Chats

  1. What a fantastic interview! I love discovering new bloggers and you have asked some very good questions!
    What do I want? I dear… do you have a week? 🙂 I absolutely agree with you that saying ‘yes’ is the first step.

  2. awesome interview. as for what i want…right now it’s for all my work to do itself so i can go outside and enjoy the lovely weather. but that’s not going to happen. i do want to relax and enjoy life more and recently i have been saying yes to it…aka my 4 day long weekend, reading *my* books in those pockets of 15 minutes of free time rather than work. but it’s a process for sure.

  3. Great! I love it. There is a huge difference between wants and needs and we need to be able to recognize them. I also think we can’t get to our wants if we don’t fulfill our needs. I was at home recently and all I wanted was some TJs goods and some clothes where I could try them on and not have to worry about sending them back. The other thing I want is a nice sunny day to read a book outside.

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