Dish AND Drink

Kiwi Coconut Daquiri

The pleasure of your company is requested to assist in the refinement of my ethanol inclinations. I, lacking alcohol palate and faithful wine-o that I am, recently acquired a large home bar. I am scouring for old fashion no back bar stools, and recently received a little bartending tool kit. What are all these little tools FOR??  Anyway, I am in need of learning a few good  mixing tricks, and an excuse to host an all adult soiree.
The French term really means evening party, but why not celebrate in the sun? Afternoon delight? Any one know what goes in that?

What a lovely gathering indeed! I didn’t stir up Afternoon Delight afterall, but opted for the French theme instead. Coming from a girl who has never had a simple martini, much less has not shaken NOR stirred much of anything these days, demonstrating a French Parrot felt….well, foreign, and thus, elusive and fun.

Le Perroquet (French for Parrot ) involves a simple mint syrup and a heavy dose of Pastis, a beloved subtle licorce, star anise like schnapps that turns milky when stirred. Highly potent,a cousin of absithne, this liquor softens the after  dinner sassy-ness of nearly most residents of Provence.

DE-LISH and not like ANYTHING I’ve ever tasted. A ew of these, and, yep, my vocabulary would dwindle down to echoing your last words.  Isn’t my little “tool kit” of gadgets adorable?

To nosh on, I also served lovely little brotchen with sliced cambert cheese, asian peer, and dollaps of homemade fig jam. I learned out here that jam and cheese,  melted chocolate and cheese, honey and cheese, just about defines simple perfection.  Hnestly, the banana avocado dip and fig yogurt dip paled in comparison and require much more sweat equity on the magic bullet’s part.

Naner, 1/2 large avocado, 3 T Muscavado Sugar, Spices, Vanilla Extract

Protein Cookies

I had a hankering for black beans last week and twirled up some funky recipes…this time, cookies! Here’s the cookie recipe: can of black beans, blended with vanilla, spices, 2 tablespoons honey. Add in 1 beaten egg, and stir, then n equal  mixture of whole wheat flour, oatmeal and baking powder, soda and then cinammon and all natural cocoa. I love them. My guests devoured them, and Extra protein in cookie form?

Can we say HEAVEN?

So, I still glean the most pleasure from a glass of red wine (I left my heart with a bottle of Mano y Mano in Spain) but having a stocked bar increases my natural hosting potential. True, the parent in me says, “be careful you don’t get a little too attached to the night cap,” but given my long history of moderation, that fear appears irrational. Half a drink 5 nights a week infuses me with a little taste of France, America, Scotland, Ireland, the Islands…and increases not my appetite, but my willingness to ease into my hunger and trust its directon.
So! Help a girl out…what’s your favorite cocktail? I’ll be sure to have the mixers when you visit me in Germany!

3 thoughts on “Dish AND Drink

  1. Looks like a good time. I bought too many bottles of wine today to bring back with me cause US wines are hard to come by. I can’t complain too much cause the European ones are tasty and way cheaper. My fave cocktail is a malibu baybreeze. tastes just like fruit juice.

    I think I only come home for the TJ goods, but my mom will even grocery shop for me and then send to me if I run out. It is fun to go in person and look at all the goods, but nice to get them as a present too. I can picture Mr. Trader Joe with a moustache, but very refined and old school.

  2. those cookies sound tasty. i’ve seen black bean baked good recipes but have not been brave enough to try them.

    my spring drink of choice is a gin gimlet. it is just with roses lime. i like mine with a few green olives thrown in too. so refreshing to sip on and savor throughout the evening.

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