Update on K Cravings

I am LOVING spring! The time change, the birds chirping, the way the sun comes and goes and when the warmth hits my skin, a natural soaking infuses my spirit If you haven’t checked out my K Craves lately, there are some new items up there.  Also…do you know about Gimmie your Stuff? Cool website!

Jimmy’s Food World on the BBC. Here is a guy that takes common food products (um CORNFLAKES) and re-creates them in his barn. Do you know how SUGAR is made? Seriously! He shows how to get the stuff from sugar beets. He demonstrates the process of making cola (there is lavender in it!). So educational and geeky, and although I love Alton Brown, this show demonstrates how complicated our food is these days.

Half the Sky. A book, which I also am listening to on CD, comments and educates and inspires and equips the reader regarding women’s issues. Should prostitution be legalized? Um, this book changed my mind from YES to NO. Do you know that one out of every three women in the world face violence in the home? That war, the more common civil alteractions (not bombs, like Americans think) is more dangerous for women, who are raped and thus “damaged” as a war tactic, than men? There ARE policies that are helpful, as well as individual efforts. Do you feel sad about your pant size or your loss of income? Seriously, read two pages of this book at a time to remember, HOW RICH you are! You know how people have Party Lite or Jewelry parties? In April, I am going to have a Schnapps party educating people about stuff I learned in this book.

Tahini. Tahini with miso, some squeeze of lemon juice, a splash of soy sauce over spinach and shrimp and red bell peppers. Tahini with orange marmalade and yogurt with sliced papaya and oatmeal. Tahini spread on homemade sweet potato pancakes topped with white beans and fresh tomatoes. And of course, tahini in my homemade hummus…which recently was re-purposed as the base for cookies (adding in oatmeal, some yogurt, an egg and baking soda and powder).

Knitting: Yep, I am learning how to knit. Every Thursday my pointer fingers star in a game of “in and over up and under” and my brain resists to produce something functional. People ask “what are you making?” the minute they see me bring the yarn out, and I respond “nothing particular.” It is what it is. Something meditative, actually, to focus my heart. I find myself unsettled in meetings, while watching TV or lounging about. If I weren’t a pure scientist at heart, I’d label my behavior as hyperactive. I can’t sit still for longer then five minutes. Unless I am surfing the web, writing reports or knitting. Even if I spend just two hours a week, this practice touches me. Good thing I put it on my list! And yes, I do eventually want to make some socks. Maybe next year.

If you get one cool gadget this year, please invest in the Simple Flush. Do you know how much American toilets WASTE water? This tool will shave money off of your bill, and reserve water for where it is needed most. More people are killed due to disease and dirty water than in war. 3.5 MILLION. Almost 900 million people don’t have safe water. Check it OUT!
My Super Green Pro Soy Protein Powder…mixed in with oatmeal, oatbran, an egg and some dark chocolate pieces and baked into homemade protein snacks for my morning coffee. I am almost out though! Any one have a Whole Foods nearby that can perhaps send me some? I’ll pay ya back in European organic jelly, coffee, chocolate!

Corn Yogurt: Seriously, if you are a yogurt fan…take sweet yogurt, a little honey and blend it up. It’s my new favorite dessert with homemade waffle pieces thrown in.

What do you CRAVE right now? Good products? Great TV or movie or reads?

UPDATE: I just  a postcard from NC! Still need PA, VA, WV, VT, OK, AZ, VA


4 thoughts on “Update on K Cravings

  1. Thanks for all the info. Yes, I stocked up on TJ’s items already and I need to ship a box back to my house. It is so crazy fitting everything in. I haven’t been to Porto yes, but I think Lisbon should be close enough to it that you can get there. I am going this summer. Right now I am craving chocolate licorice, which is so good and I bought so much of it in Florida.

  2. You always get me thinking. It’s so sad to think what so many women in this world are going through. It really is. I watch the news now, everyday, and sometimes I wonder why I do because it makes me so sad. But hey, it’s good to be aware of this stuff, rather than completely naiive.

    Corn yogurt? Sounds fantastic. Knitting? Yep, I want to get into that one day. It comes in handy I’m sure! I want to knit my Christmas gifts one year and save lots of money!

  3. Definitely something to think about – I have always thought everyone should be allowed to do whatever they want to do – if they want to sell their bodies.. but thinking about it more and reading your post definitely changes the overall angle a lot. Our society has to protect those people. Our humanity is what gives me hope.
    What do I crave? Eggs. Not sure why, maybe the whole Easter theme is unconsciously getting to me. 🙂

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