What’s Shakin’ Bacon?

Top it with Bacon

Never been a bacon fan. Didn’t like dad’s microwave method. Didn’t slam Denny’s sunny-side up duo. Didn’t touch the skillet sizzled strips. To this day, can’t stomach it. Even bacon bits, anti-partical free dried reconstituted flavored pebbles never rocked my world.

Then, eating the 100 mile diet, I watched my friend Y. simply sizzle one organic strip, then add in some kale and simple salt and pepper. Then slicing it up and savouring it. And here’s the thing, that very week I presented on how children have tons more tastebuds and they are more sensitive, and to get them to try foods, get them around other kids who will eat what you are suggesting.

Yep, people, we are social eaters. And that’s a good thing. Because after turning 30, bacon and me are best buds. Okay, getting-to-know-you-authentic-natural-bit by bit sort of way. Of course, traveling to Spain and slowly savouring Black Iberian cured ham in the oldest restaraunt in the world topped the charts. Madrid boasts a chain restarant, Musuem De Jamon,  that not only salutes this cut of meat, but worships it. A half a slice cindarellas soups, pastas, rice dishes, salads, fruits, sauces even YOGURT. Try this: Corn blended up in your yogurt tossed with cured or smoked bacon and top on your farro and brocolli.

Bacon Chapstick! Good for First Dates? We'll See!

And I am in a craze of loving flavored salt. A little salt goes a long way. So pyched,  “this must be kismet!” to receive some BACON in a salt in the mail!  

First things first, I am eating eggs at 5pm a few times during the workweek.  Ultimate. Comfort. This  ooey-gooey love to sustain my brain and body as I finish up my responsibilities and until I can whip up dinner. I used to not eat eggs, either. Flotsam and Jetsam. Evil twins of morning nutrition:  They are “bad” for you! After reading Michael Pollan’s work, though, I starting to challenge some of my eating “assumptions” and habits. Trying to eat more like my grandmother did (except for the yogurt. Ummmm…no one ate yogurt in America 75 years ago!), I discovered how eggs got a bad rap, people. Michael Jackson smear campaign! But they are dang next to perfection powerhouses of nutrition.  Google it. WHAT MATTERS MORE: they TASTE good! Poach some, al la Julia Child style, and then top them off with fresh cracked pepper, and salt and sop up the yolk with a few crackers or half a piece of toast. Even try this…slide the egg onto hot pasta, and sprinkle fresh pecorino and fresh rosemary over it, a little drizzle of oil and you’ve got serious perfection.

JD Bacon Salt in original and natural (ummm can’t really tell the difference, we’ll have to wait and see with the tastes) have now been tested on my eggs, on my popcorn, on my yogurt, on my pasta and oh boy, my weekly biscotti. The egg was the best, pretty subtle flavoring there, and I also mixed it up with coarse sea salt. I wanted to say that I could tell that there was a bacon hint in the cornmeal maple biscotti, but I didn’t taste it, honestly.

What’s shakin inside? in this suckers? I was bummed: MILK! I have a friend allergic to cassein and another who is vegan that now won’t try out my biscotti. But, um, mostly SALT. Which is again, if used wisely, the diamond of flavoring. JD’s bacon salt natural flavor is gluten free. The bacon salt website blog has a ton of fun recipes plus some pretty standard stuff. I tried the bacon salt on mango this morning, with sliced cream cheese and it was FABO! Also wanting to try it out with farro rice, apple, and fennell.  And this bean recipe looks good.  

I am also thinking of making some vegan cookies with them…have suggestions?

So here’s the thing. You may be 30 years old and have an assumption about how you must count this or measure that or watch this, or about how don’t like white wine, or about how you are not a morning person, or about the happyness level of a person with a graduate school degree. Or about eggs and bacon.   And it could prevent you from a fuller life. Is it coinidence that our gross national happiness declined with the fall of bacon? andthe rise of  Buns of Steel and Slimfast?

What do you nee to shake up? Tell me to win some JD products for yourself!


One thought on “What’s Shakin’ Bacon?

  1. Another interesting post. I am starting to read more from Michael Pollan’s work and really enjoy it. I am about to buy some of his books. 🙂
    My granny never thinks about what she eats – she eats everything she fancies and does not analyse it. She is healthy, slim and absolutely full of beans. She is my role model and I hope I will be as energetic as she is when I am 82. 🙂

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