Sick K

Signs that K is more than just a little under-the-weather sick

She can’t stomach coffee (The HORROR! THE LOSS!)

She leaves market purchases by the door overnight

She doesn’t feel guilty for skipping the gym (although there are still moments on the bathroom floor where she thinks “maybe in an hour I’ll be able to go for a walk?”)

She cancels patient appointments

Writhing, she looks up to the heavens and stimulantenously cries for her mommy and praises “thank God I don’t have young kids!”

If only this were true!


Yep, I am falliable. I contracted the novovirus and as we speak, the little critters are getting jiggy with my stalwort GI tract. Forced to stay home due to random tidal waves of GI bloating, acidity (um, bless you Jim Howe for patenting TUMS to treat your wife’s indigestion!), I HATE being sick. I HATE not being mobil, and HATE feeling like my body is foreign to myself. Right now, there are moments were I feel fine (and I try to make the bed or shower or make yogurt) and then, BAM! I am on the floor moaning! YUCK!

But, I did take a quick opportunity to look up what states I need postcards from for my article on modern community. Off the top of my head…If you know of ANYONE who lives or will visit Virginia, Oklahoma, West Virginia or New Hampshire, PLEASE EMAIL ME! They will get a nods up and a thank you when it is published! It’s part of my 101 things in 1000 Days.

So, to comfort myself, that’s my goal today. Tea, Warm Bath, Comedy, Reading, Chicken Miso Soup, and maybe if I can weigh the flour, homemade bread.

And it’s SUNNY! And I am bed bound. NOT fun. down right depressing and agitating.

3 thoughts on “Sick K

  1. Shame! I had exactly the same thing a couple of weeks ago and it is a nasty, nasty sickness to have. I still remember vividly being curled up on my bathroom floor for several hours. 😦
    I hope you feel better soon, the worst should be over in a couple of days but you will still probably feel a bit icky for a week or so. Sending loads of get well soon wishes you way!

  2. oh no!! being sick is never fun!! and doubly so when it’s nice out. don’t illness know that they’re suppose to hit when it’s crappy out?! hope you start to feel better soon. lots of fluids and rest for you there dear 🙂

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