K Cooks: Special K Pizza & Pasta

Special K Pasta

Special K Granola after Roasting

This is not really a confession, because I’ve been blatantly forward that I am a cereal addict. So much so that some people have commented that perhaps I should try a gluten free diet when ever I get a headache or endure belly traumas. My cereal passion really punctured the ease of my 100 mile diet last September.  Yet, I am not affiliated or monogamous when it comes to cereal. I probably have 1.5 servings a day, getting enough “B-vitamins” for me to rationalize the habits, and a ton of variety to keep my tendency for boredom at bay. And it’s not just that I don’t eat one type of cereal, but I never eat one type of cereal at a time. I like to make my own concoctions and mixtures, as if the blends were a palette andI a carb Jackson Pollack.

So, yeah, lame, but I do enjoy Special K. I like lighty flakes that sop up yogurt or milk into their tiny little veins. I am fond off all flavors (SAVE FOR THAT AWFUL CHOCOLATE ONE!) but like the old original the best. Why? Well, it serves as the perfect background to make Special K Granola. It is pretty easy to do. Once I have the granola made, I often use it as a pizza crust base that turns out like little crackers to smear nut butters, jam, brie cheese, or nutella on.

Rockin, huh? In this mixture, I combined:

6 Cups Special K

1 cup Oat Bran Squares, crushed

Half a Cup Coconut

Half a cup slivered almonds

2 boxes raisins

One third Cup Dark Coco Powder

One third Cup crushed Flax Seed

I mixed this all together with one third a cup of melted Brummel & Brown, and layed out on HUGE baking pan, before drizzling with honey….Roasted it for 20 minutes at 200, turning it, then turned off the oven and let it sit in there for another 20…

Let this cool if you want to make a pizza…

Then, take 3 cups of this mixture and CRUSH or blend up and mix in with

One third Cup Agave or Maple Syrup, plus 1 half teaspoon baking powder, 3 TBL oatmeal and 3 TBL nut butter…place down in 8 X 8 buttered dish and bake at 350 for 30…watch for browning!

ENJOY with smeared cream cheese and orange marmalade, and sliced fruit. SO DELICIOUS!

Being the CARB lover that I am, I probably consume pasta at least two nights a week. Orzo, Udon and Whole Wheat Noodles make music in my tummy. The week brought energy lows to a new level, and I noticed a hankerin for meat. Lucky for me, Germany offers many cured and smoked fresh meats (meaning, NO preservatives!). Proscuitto is easy to come by. Thanks for shipping, so are melons. Usually, I devour these as appetizers, but I decided to turn the flavor combos into a main dish.

Sauteed in pan (with a bit of spray) three slices of proscuitto and 2 gloves garlic, 1/4 C sliced onion,  T. of corriander seeds, untl the meat sweats and seeds pop. Take off heat for 5 minutes.

On side, I whipped up 1/3 C. Quark (you can use 1/4 C. Greek Yogurt with a little buttermilk) with a squeeze of a little lemon, about 1 T. Salt and Pepper…add back into pan with meat, and simmer on low for 15. Add in two servings of pasta, 1 C. fresh melon, and 1/4 C. Fresh Parmesan…Stir up until cheese is melty.


Special K Pasta

Do you have “creative” pizza or pasta combinations? Any ideas?


6 thoughts on “K Cooks: Special K Pizza & Pasta

  1. wow this is probably the most creative concoction i’ve seen. sadly i am not too adventurous with my pizza (simple = most pleasurable in my book). the boldest i’ve ever gone was put pineapple and bbq sauce on at the same time hahah 🙂

  2. haha, I used to be a cereal addict!! Now I am an oats addict. I did used to get really bloated a lot more, but now that I am WHEAT free I am much better 🙂
    This dish looks fantastic. So creative! I love the “quark” haha, I’ve never tried that!

  3. Hi!!! I’m so glad you found me too 😀

    I love love love cereal, and you ‘pizza’ creation looks SO delicious. Can’t wait to read more, have a wonderful day lovely lady
    xo bec

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