K Cooks: A Year of Soups

My wonderful mentor sent a remarkable Christmas package that contained a gift that surprised me: a cookbook. I have been out of favor with cookbooks f or the past five years now, in the past two years relying solely on revised concoctions mused from online sources. Yet this one, stole my heart. Twelve Months of Monastery Soups. A Benedictine monk authored this beloved edition that relies heavily on French cuisine and a sense of soulishness. What I cherished about this cookbook was that many of the selections felt foreign to me, and featured seasonal fare plant based and flavorful.  Immediately, I sent another book of his off to my friend Y in hopes of sharing the passion. I promised to make a soup from each month following the recipe exactly as written with no substitutions or creativity. My first selection

January:  Brussels Sprout Soup (serves 6)

1 pound brussel sprouts, thinlu slices

3 leeks, sliced

2 quarts water

2 boullion cubes (I used beef)

4 tablespoons olive oil

3 table spoons flour

sale and pepper to taste

French bread

Pan fry the leeks and sprouts for less than a minute, slightly browning, add in the water, boullion, oil…simmer for 40 minutes. On the side, mix flou and 4 tbl. spoons broth, until a paste forms, then add paste to the soup. Salt to taste…stir. On the side, place egg yolks in 6 spoons of broth. Slice bread in each bowl, put eggs over bread and then ladel soup in it to enjoy!



Tasting Notes:

 The little sprouts melt in your mouth, as if they took a Roman Steam Bath in buttery leekyness. The eggyolk clumps the broth into the bread like a sticky pudding and my heavens, is there sugar in here? Nuts? I don’t know, but I taste both. 

 Love love love it! So satisfying!


5 thoughts on “K Cooks: A Year of Soups

  1. Nice looking soup. Looks good but not sure if I would like it. I wish I could join you on your trip, but 2 weeks is not enough notice. It can be a pain to get off this island sometimes. I would at some point love to meet up somewhere in Europe.

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