One of my responsibilities in the hospital involves extensive developmental evaluations, and lucky me (I did NOTHING to deserve such a fate) a simple, “can I receive this training?” whisked me off to three days of training in London, with a three day extension up north via a train ride to visit my BF from grad school.

Don’t Cry for me Argentina. I KNOW!

My experience with the UK involved rather hopped up adrenaline tour in my senior year of high school, so traveling on my own 13 years later really counts as my “first” time, although no one would label me a London virgin, and I’d remembered with color Les Miserables, the London Tower, the Cathedral, the Big Ben and trip to Windsor…

Immediately following dismal disappointment that all museums close around 6 here (and my training ends after 5:15!) I be-lined it for a Top London Vegan Joint, Tibits. Oh, so lovely and hip. They offered an organic “Freedom Beer” that fizzled in my opinion, but the red pepper curry tofu and quinoa corn with this gorgeous red sauce more than satisfied. There is something very fulfilling about sopping up bread in a delicious sauce for me…the layers of flavor soaking into it…and the lovely spicy mayan oo-long on the side polished it off. 

After fueling, I set my sights on a highlight of the trip…the staging of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof….why?


James Earl Jones seamlessly unfurled the role, the lines rolling off his tongue with such guile that I my mind lapsed in understanding that he wasn’t really the banial and human Big Daddy. I loved this man, “I even loved his hate,” and I cherished the hollow of the line “if only that was true,” because truly, we can stay like a Cat on Hot Tin Roof, uncomfortably crazy with longing for recognition and true communion, but we won’t love it. 

Tennesse Williams surmised that a degree of mendacity seeps into some part of our identities, of our exchanges with others. Self-mendacity, however, appears to wound others more than ourselves.  In my own life,  as I crept along the spectrum of mendacity, it was apparent how less free I was, the available I was to others, and the  less trusting of the inherent beauty of life…including me. 

Are you living your life with mendacity?  


5 thoughts on “Mendacity

  1. I am so jealous you get to travel all over since you are on mainland. I am thinking about heading over to Italy in a few months since the flights are easy for us here on this base. I also have a trip in the works but still planning. Going to go away for my 30th birthday. So cool you got to go to the theater while you were there.

  2. Visit your BF and hit up a JEJ play with a visit to unique local eatery?? Awesome. Beats the tourist traps and Big Ben any day. Last I checked, every town had a clock 😉 So happy to see all your lovely pics of your travels. As usual, your inner glow is just mahvalous.

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