Journey VS Destination

I am starting to think about something, about why I travel. In a few hours, I will take a cab, to catch a bus (lasts 80 minutes), to get to the airport, to board a flight to Poland (lasts 100 minutes), to get on a another bus (lasts 2 hours) to take a cab to a hotel in the middle of Cracow. Travelling can be tiring, and there are loads of details that I am not very good at keep track off. Hotel reservations, flight tickets, dollars, Euros, Passport, my official ID card, credit card (at least I don’t have a camera yet….OR KIDS!). I lack patience. This is my fatal flaw. Often times, I wait until I get there to enjoy a glass of wine, or to sit down and eat a meal. I don’t like the process of going where I am going.
This isn’t an age thing, it’s a K thing.
More and more, while living over here, I realize that a lot of my highlights aren’t about the process of getting from A to B. And this annoys me about myself somewhat. However, my brother and I bonded during these “in-transit” times  when he was here (and there were A LOT OF THEM!) chuckling with trepidation at a delapidated Asian Market immediately crossing the border into the Czech Republic, me talking Spanish with little ninos on the tram in Berlin, talking smack about aggression in teenage boys while going to Tropical Islands. Still, although my brain says, “It is about the journey, not the destination” my legs and heart say “Enough dilly-dallying! Let’s get a move on already!”  IMPATIENT. I NEED. TO. GET. THERE.
I’ve found a few tricks to help me chill in the journey-ing…and threw out some standards I thought I liked while traveling.
Such as
1) Don’t Bring a BOok, K: especially a travel book.  You are too antsy to read it, and interested in your new surroundings to concentrate on the plot
2) Start early, or start late. But a mid morning or mid afternoon push off spells trouble for my hyperactive-ness. Either I’ll wake up and chill while reading and writing blogs or go for a run, and THEN SIT for 5 hours? Um…no.
3) People watch. Smile at strangers, and start up a conversation with the person sitting next to you on the plane/train/bus. Even for 5 minutes. This good grace gets you far, and surprises you.
4) Fight your frugalness. It’s okay when travelling to spend over a buck on a coke.
5) Load up your beloved IPHONE with podcasts and at least one new playlist each trip. You actually listen to the music when you’re travelling. Not so much in day to day life.
So why do I travel, if it’s such a hassle? My friends with family inform me that “you have it made.” becuase I am single and therefore “travel light” and really, I do. I have a backpack and that’s it for three days. But still, travelling is a hassle. K likes her routine. K likes feel secure and comfortable. K detests detours.
But that is precisely why I travel. To shake me up. To push me into discomforting schedules or dissatisfying emotions when the tour is less than spectacular or your boots appear to retain liquid rather than repel it. And somehow, it appears that I am more energetic, willing, open and awe-ful, when on vacation. Less restrictive in every way. I like myself more when traveling, I’ll tell you that much. This more balanced version of myself.
I like the sense of achievement, of that moment when I feel “NOW!” I am on VAY-K-shun, that the in transit part trips me up. For me, it truly is about the destination.

And I am okay with that…..we’ll, mostly.  Should I try to change this quality in myself?

What are your “in-transit” tips?


9 thoughts on “Journey VS Destination

  1. i don’t travel a lot but when i do i am so impatient too! i wish i had in-transit tips for you but it’s something i struggle with too.

    i don’t think you need to change that about yourself either (the routine liking, disliking transit) but i think what you ARE doing is great. youre pushing your current comfort boundaries a bit and expanding them. personally i am terrified of change (which i think transit time signals) and everytime i experience a “transit” i think that it gets easier everytime. sure i still love my routine but there isn’t so much fear around change.

    so rock on girl!

  2. I need to travel and soon. It is tough being on the island since we can;t just hoop on a train or bus. I love it here, but hoping next station will be in mainland Europe because as you see it is easy to travel once you are there.

  3. i agree. i never read the book that I bring. I do sometimes bring a crochet project which often gets me into interesting conversations with people and i can still be aware of my surroundings and absorb things but I don’t feel like it is such a “waste” of time and I have something to do with my hands.

  4. I LOVE traveling, just not the process to goes before the destination. I always have to bring a book, though. Because I hate waiting lines and I read during those times. Also, I wear comfy so I’m ready to fall asleep in the plane.
    Traveling is such a great experience, but it CAN make a person restless. Travel all you want, but one day, you’ll still have to settle down. But until then, have fun, experience, and enjoy!

  5. i MUST leave early in the morning. I get really antsy otherwise waiting to leave and accomplish nothing which bothers me. traveling is the one time i allow myself to buy magazines off the newstand which is kind of fun.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m so glad you did, because now I can follow along with this amazing travel you are doing! I love to see different places, but I agree….getting there makes me crazy!

  7. I get antsy too on the rare occassions I do travel. When did you first feel the bite from the travel bug? I’ve felt it but have somehow stayed grounded. So many options…where to begin!?

  8. I just found your blog and love it. This part cracks me up, because it is so ME – K likes her routine. K likes feel secure and comfortable. K detests detours.

    I have a fiance who loves to travel, who can enjoy the ride, who finds fun stuff on detours. Thank goodness, or I’d freak out a lot alone 😉 Have fun on your journey!

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