Task #42: Complete a Mad Lib with Strangers

Task #42 Complete a Mad Lib asking total strangers to supply the words

We all like to feel safe, warm, secure. That inclination is not inherently negative, the tendency to stick to our routines, or habits. And yet, because we may fear feeling uncomfortable or making a mistake or being inconvenienced,  we tend to come up with excuses not to live more exciting lives or experience new aspects of ourselves.

I am not a “bar” person, and when my brother saw an ad for a pub crawl in Berlin that night after NYE, there were many reasonable responses for not going: 1) I was tired 2) I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it 3) I don’t really like to drink all the much.

Here’s the thing: relationships allow us to change. They are the antidote to being stagnant. They provide the influence over our natural “safety” zones, sometimes for the worse, but if the relationship is right, mostly for the better.  There is a reason why in kindergarten, we learned a BUDDY system. Because PEER PRESSURE WORKS!

Because of my affiliation with my brother, I went on said pub crawl, and had a great time. I had one or two drinks over 5 hours, and didn’t really do anything that wasn’t “me,” save for the fact that I stayed out until 2 am, and flirted, and was easy breezy. Honestly: haven’t been out that late for almost a decade! But this experience enabled me to complete following mad lib with the folks who we shared the evening with:

What excuses do you make to keep yourself from doing something “out of your comfort zone?”

4th Grader New Year’s Resolution

I resolve that in the next year I will eat all of my SUPPOSITORIES just lke my mother says. I promise to help bathe our pet SHOTGLASS and help SHOOT the dishes after dinner. I will not eat any PIZZA that contains STITCHES. I will be polite and thoughtful, and will help take out the VOMIT. I will do a SLEEZY deed every day and be polite to any BARTENDERS who are older than I am. I will never, ever PLAY WITH my dad’s tools or pour JAGERMISTER in my mom’s makeup. I will also try to brush my KIDNEYS and wash my BACKPACK every day. I promise to be really BOOZY so I can live SLOPPY for the next 12 months. Then, I’ll be a truly SLURRY, THIRSTY person.

I HAD to add this picture in to inform the WORLD that these tootsies have seen the LAST of cold wetness. Inspired by Prague and Berlin, they called out to me today and are a SERIOUS investment. I resolve to wear them out by Spring!


7 thoughts on “Task #42: Complete a Mad Lib with Strangers

  1. hilarious madlib 🙂 way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and have fun. i always find that fighting through the “i can’t do this” or the “this is not usual for me” feelings allows me to have some of the most fun experiences.

  2. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s true, we get in these habits, or we have these “reasons for not doing something” and it takes a good friend or family member to remind us that that’s all in our head, and it’s ok to step out of the box sometime. It’s fun, right?
    Love the madlib, very creative 😉

  3. Just found your blog via Alyson’s comment (nourishedfitness) and I really enjoyed reading this post. (And the one about Prague but I’m from the Czech Republic so I’m biased there. ;-)) It’s so true about us being comfortable in our own routines and we can be very crafty when it comes to finding excuses that keep us from getting somewhere, where we may be potentially quite vulnerable. I have a rule to try one new thing each month (let it be a new sport activity, a night out with a bunch of strangers etc.).

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