Fa-La! K Cooks

Tis the Season for Holiday parties! A co-worker described me as “festive” because I rallied my hospital department’s party this year, enticing participation by handing out CDs as invitations. Who could pass up Bare Naked Ladies belting out God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen? The other allure involved having people enter a Bake-Off, where staff would judge the sweet selections while playing the ever-why-is-this-game-fun?-White Elephant Exchange. The winner would receive a wooden spatula I gussied up with a cute label of “Pediatric Baker Czar.”  They are calling me Doc Holiday now.

Although I am not exactly aflustur with pride at the remarks, I do know that the holiday season in the past has been hard for me. I am not going to spout “I am single” woes, because honestly, that’s a front. Even those with family members bursting at the seams can feel the squeeze during the holidays due to a list of SHOULDs. I should have more money, I should make these cookies, I should visit nana, I should go to see the Nutcracker, I should stay away from that cheesecake…I should enter the Bake-off and manufacture a great office party. I am propelled by these should sometimes that I forget my own desires or intentions. And it seems that with all the expectations fa-la-la-ling on me, I lost sense of what I want….what I truly want.

But I know it’s NOT my two front teeth…or a $15 W-E-prize

I do want to cultivate a sense of connection during these days.

 Thus, I unearthed these little likor glasses that belonged to my grandmother. I imagine her using them in alcoholic infused ways, because, after all, this woman who loved me like the sun, liked liquor. Lucky for my child’s underdeveloped perceptual brain regions, I never saw that human part of her.  And the

Advent season is about longing for and expecting light. Well, my grandma reminds me of that.  She was an awful cook, but she loved me well! So, I wanted to do something where, in a very “these people don’t know me at all!” setting, I could remember a part of my long history that continues to remain invisible

…all while preparing a rock your socks off dessert (I still like that validation, you know?)

If you are a choco-holic, this bud’s for you….

You can get the whole Skinny on K’s Flourless Chocolate Torte Truffel by clicking here, but I am of the mind that the holiday season should not be about “skinny desserts” go big or go home! Right? Just eat what you LOVE and leave the rest!

I invited a group of people over for Christmas Eve at my house, where I will cook a traditional goose, and we’ll put up the Christmas Tree (it’s a German tradition to wait until the 24th and have the tree up for the 12 days of Christmas) sing songs and play games. I wanted each guest or family to have their own ornament, so I followed this recipe straight from MJFs (check out my updated K Crazes!)

The recipe really is quite simple, and the results are DIVINE. First of all, the whole house ends up smelling like cinnamon for three days, and second of all, I LOVE the rustic, homey feel of the cutesy shapes. Here’s what you do:

Mix 1 Cup of Cinnamon (yep! Get the cheap kind at the dollar store) with

1 Cup of Applesauce

add in a smidgen of cloves, and a few drops of vanilla.

Form into a “dough” which might need a few drops of water…

Press into a large cookie sheet, about 1 inch thick.

You can then use cookie cutters to cut out shapes OR

Press the dough into the back of cookie molds like I did.

Use a pencil to punch holes for your thread to go through

Placce in 250 oven for 45 minutes

Let air dry!

Best part? I’ve been making the house smell cinnamon-y by re-baking them for 30 minutes or so…

I’ll put initials on them with a glitter glue perhaps…or maybe mark them with the year 2009, so allow guests to do that on their own.

Do you have a case of the Christmas “shoulds?”

What do you really want for Christmas???


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