Post Cards from the Edge

The movie stars Ms. Streep in her finest, and it always brings a little tingle to my spirit when I ponder the mystical echange between mothers and daughters. Especially during periods of life changes or transformation.

I’ve been really longing for my mother, or my family, lately. Three days ago, I moved into a HUGE 3 bedroom 3 bathroom home, where my closet is bigger than my bedroom was growing up. (Pictures of a potluck to follow!). I feel out of sorts (want to come visit me in Germany! Just say the word…I AM SERIOUS!)

One task from my list is to collect postcards sent to be from all 50s states. So far, the process has been heart-warming.  A near stranger sent me one from Arkansas, a friend of friend mentioned my quest and she sent one my way. You see, postcards are not so easy to come by these days any longer.

Anyway, as I move into my home, the decorating and organizing ideas abound. I don’t want to rush unpacking and stacking because I would finally like to tolerate the chaos and inbetween of moving in order to develop a home that reflects my, and is organized, and connected.

One whole wall of my home will highlight these postcards. But I still need some states to complete the set. Do you live in or know of anyone who lives in: Arizona, West Virginia, Virginia,  New Hampshire, Vermont, Deleware? I know that I must be missing others as well…maybe I’ll look through and see: Rhode Island? Connecticut? I believe those I am missing as well.

Any decorating ideas for this? I also purchased a huge world map, and will afix it to canvas or cork board and have guests personalize tacks marking where they’ve been…Maybe a whole room will be about travel…

Living in the chaos, boy, you have to tolerate yourself a lot. I am desperately missing yoga!


6 thoughts on “Post Cards from the Edge

  1. We have a big map too and we love to look at it and see where we have been and where we want to go. I thought throwing a dart at it was a good way to select where to visit next!

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