Boasting Brugge Belgium

Ahh…..Just say the name BRUGGE, and you’ll immediately soften to this city

Brugge 20092

A little history (I learned this after my one day 3:30 am-1:30 am bus tour…for me, I either have to research before or after and NOT during because then I won’t be present in my traveling awe-ness-ous): Brugge served as a major port city insce around 1100s, as it is in the northern part of Belgium. Many little waterways harkens a Venice-like-feel, but this fall made the little city seem romantically pulsing with currency rather than history, if that makes sense.

You can take tours of the canal, although I didn’t get the chance to. That’s okay, because with the 50 degree fall weather, I kept warm by perusing around the streets and snapping shots of the incredibly preserved historical statues, monuments and churches. The 12th century basilica Holy Bloedbasiliek, Or chapel of the Holy Blood, on Castle Square contains a rock-crystal vial containing a fragment of cloth stained with what is said to be the coagulated blood of Christ….like many European Catholic based communities, the churches here signify power and exude a sense of “how in the world did they make that?

The Top picture above highlights all these must see holy relics. 
 I have been loving taking pictures in the city of its artistic statues…
Brugge 20091
the details here spoke it my spirit. Does art ever do that for you? Almost like music, these pieces reminded me of my own triumps, my own tribulations…and hopes. But I couldn’t put words to them…is that odd?
Brugge 2009
Brugge, or Belgium in general, hallmarks LACE, CHOCOLATE, and BEER. I did buy some of the first two, in small quantities. But I think I was more infatuated with the beer and mussels. Most of you know that I am a wine-o, and I don’t really have a great knowledge or appreciatation for beer. My new friend had scoped out some cool places to visit beforehand, with my nods of appreciation. Usually I am the main researcher, and for once it is WELCOMED to have another person saying “I really want to find this place I read about…” So search we did, starting with 8 of us, and an hour later, just us 2 remained faithful…and boy, were we rewarded…the small “pub” tucked away in a small alley was bursting with locals, and the owner (cute! hello!) himself served us his special house beer. It’s not at all like what I am used to. Holy Smokes, fruity like but not in a sweet way, almost like toasted rice with carbonation and a hint of licorice. I am a beer fan if this is what beer is like.
All the beers here MUST be served in a glass “branded” with its maker’s logo…I tried to convince the hottie to sell my glass to me, with no luck.
Ah well, the memory remains!
After the beer, more walking and shopping. I LOVED the fall colors and am getting a little addiction to scarves to keep me warm while exploring. Aren’t these colors gore-ge-ous??
I gave up souvenirs about a decade ago, but I do love shopping for practical stuff I find in a city during my explorations. Maybe it’s jewelry, or something for a loved one that says “Y would love that…” but usually it’s practical.
A dual function

Super Cute Buy!


of purpose and a memory of that experience there.  In Brugge, this was SCREAMING at me…adorable!

I LOVE this clock! Come Visit Me and it will be in YOUR bedroom!
These experience fill me with a sense of gratitude for being alive, for being able to travel, for being able to walk and see and taste.
I know I haven’t done anything from my LIST lately…maybe I need some inspiration. I am thinking something with DRY ICE????? Any Ideas?

9 thoughts on “Boasting Brugge Belgium

  1. Looks like you had so much fun. One thing I love about Europe is the abundance of old, history packed things. I love the feel of old buildings, paintings, statues, cobble stone streets, and even trees that look old. Looks like a cool adventure in beer! Belgium does produce some nice beers. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  2. I would really love to go to Europe sometime. I just need to travel more, period. When I get themoney, it’s the first thing I will do (before kids of course). I am a beer fanatic. In fact, I’m a huge beer snob because I HATE light beers and domestic beers (for the most part). Europe has some of my FAVORITE beers, especially in Belgium, yummmmmy.

  3. What stunning photos! Makes me proud to be part Belgian! 😉

    And, yes, art definitely makes me feel the same way! I think that’s kind of its job actually–to be broad enough that it speaks to each of us in a personal way.

    Glad you’re having so much fun and exploring your next door neighbors. 🙂

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