Where’s the Love?

If you check out my K Crazes page, you’ll find a list of products that I am currently crazed about. I’ve been updating it from time to time, so check it out. Here are some of the highlights of things I’ve stumbled upon in the last three weeks:  

yogurtmakerMy Severin Yogurt Maker: Oh, I’ve made three batches, each producing 6 little jars, since receiving this housewarming (or hotel warming) gift from my bf Y, the conissouer of yogurts. I’ve strained it over a fine sieve to make greek yogurt, I’ve added purreed banana and dates to it and frozen it for desert, and I added a margarita mix to the batch to take with me to a breakfast at work. Say homemade yogurt, and docs are impressed. Easy peasy preparation…go to bed and plug it in and wake up, place jars in fridge and you can enjoy that afternoon. DIVINE appliance!

When you move across continents, or even states, your skin requires a period of acclimation to your new climate. Sometimes I feel as if the state of my skin tells that story of my mental Dovebalance, blooming fire when my self-care inflames and radiating when my spirit unfurls freely. Again, on Y’s recommendation, I sought out one of those over the product exfoliator. Dove’s SkinVitalizer, under $10, buffs me into a glow…not to mention a little state of karma. The pillow refills are super affordable, takes a jiff, and is well worth the investment.

I haven’t located a yoga group yet (and wouldn’t have a way to get there as my car is on a ship somewhere near England) so imagine the elation and strenuous up-dogging action when Heather (HEAB) mentioned Yoga Download. I am only doing 2-3 20 minute sessions a week (um, compared to 3-4 70 minute ones back in the USA….am I going to revert to my cardboard stiffness??? I worry) but those 20 minutes, I am usually very intensely present. So far,  the yoga for runners, the heart opening and the morning flow. I’ve bought a few hour long sessions and feel as if they are completely worth the investment.

What new product have you been CRAZED about?


6 thoughts on “Where’s the Love?

  1. Love the yogurt maker! I’m still hooked on my Cusine Art ice cream maker (which I actually use to make yogurt). I use it at least once a week! I of course maker a healthier version of ice cream/yogurt, which is why it’s ok that we go through so much!

  2. Hooray for yogurt makers! I commend you for such industrious and creative use of yours. I’m still loving my Dove too, although I *am* a little embarrassed to leave a strangely-shaped, label-free, vibrating, device hanging out on my bathroom counter. Just saying.

    BTW, B & I made use of our Source Yoga credits on Wednesday at their Parent Toddler class and had a lot of fun! But the toddlers made for terrible yogis.

  3. Oh yeah, the answer to the question: the ISO ceramic ionic hair straightener.
    It straightens; it curls; it twirls; it does amazing things to my otherwise bland strands. I suspect it can slice, dice, and grate things too.

    Lynn@TheActorsDiet – That sodastream sodamaker looked really cool on their website. I would have loved to invite myself over for soda refreshments had we been neighbors.

  4. Well, I’m doing the Yoga Teacher Training…and trying to squeeze in 20-min sessions in a day…I work full-time and run and want to be able, y’know, cook and relax too right :). Uggghh!!! Not enough time 🙂 Hmm…new product…well, I realllly want a Spiralizer – but they’re uber-expensive…I tried a Sweet Potato Squash a couple of days ago – does that count hahah!!!

  5. I understand that waiting period for the darn car to arrive. I am thankful that my skin gets some moisture here since we came from Vegas and it was too dry there for the skin.

    I really wanted a yogurt maker, so I am glad you have rave reviews. I really think I may get one.

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