I Scream for ICE cream!

I traveled to France this past weekend and now firmly believe that the mental health of americans would be vastly improved if most restaraunts included dessert in the price of an entree. Very rational and practical, I usually don’t order it while dining out. My stomach doesn’t warrant the $6 fee for overly buttered dishes…I’d prefer to splurge on either the bread, the wine, or an appetizer. If I do order, I always share.

In France, however, it is easier to accept that dessert isn’t just something “extra” that you ADD onto your meal. It is essential. Why? Because eating should remind us that we are alive, and part of that aliveness is to honor those moments that are dying. And that’s what desert is. A way to end something with so much pleasure you have to leave satisfied. FrenchDessertΒ 

Are you a dessert person?

Speaking of dessert, while cherishing these dishes, I was reminded that Americans spend 100 billion dollars a year on ice cream products: frozen yo-yos (sorry, fro-yos??) ben and jerries, dairy queens, vanilla dryers. if we put all the gallon container of vanilla flavored ice creams in a line, it would circle the globe 8 times. Obviously, we cherish this desert.

It makes me want to cry. Ice cream reduced my heart to a melted pulp.

Think of your three best friends or family members. If you represented the worl, two of you would live on less than 90 cents a day, one of you couldn’t read (it would be a woman) and one of you would surely die before the age of 30.

Because for that same amount of money, every single child on this plant could have access to 4 years of education. Which is enough to teach them to read. Did you know that most girls on this plant DO NOT KNOW HOW TO READ?

Take home message 1) order dessert next time you eat out. Just do it. And love it. How ever much you ingest 2) you are reading this blog, thus, you are blessed, and lucky and need to articulate and honor this priviledge. 3) Check out programs to increase education for girls. I LOVE WOMEN FOR WOMEN!


9 thoughts on “I Scream for ICE cream!

    • Yes, I love desert. I love the idea of it being included in meals and the experience you had in France sounds fantastic!

      Since I end up eating most of cakes and cookies myself and don’t want to…I keep a small stock of really good dark chocolate bars that we enjoy as desert. Also, I have these awesome little anise seeds that are lightly coated in sugary yumminess. They are tiny bits of sweetness and the anise seed soothes your stomach in case something is not setting well.

      I love ice cream, too, but can’t eat it often as it is addicting for me and sets up unpleasant fat mounds around my belly button…you know what I mean…

  1. What a great post! Haha – and you don’t need to twist my arm to order dessert – DONE!! I adore ice cream – to a fault in fact 😦 . I just can’t come to grips with making or choosing healthier options. Oye.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I am sooo happy you did because I actually seen Quark for the 1rst time the other day and was wondering what itwould be like. It seems pretty healthy. I also consume a r-i-d-i-culous amount of nut butters and am trying to find alternative dips/spreads, etc (and yeah, I already do the hummus thing and cream cheese…can we say an intervention is in need here πŸ™‚

    Take care, and add me to your Roll if you wish! I love having regular readers from great sites such as yours πŸ™‚

  2. Dessert is my fave. I am bad because I will spend the $6 just for a taste. I can never finish my meal, much less the dessert. I end up wasting money for a sweet taste of something, but I do it all the time. Ryan’s dinner the other night was the special, so it came with soup and dessert. I like these options. One price for the whole meal…salad/soup, entree, dessert. It is such a simple concept.

  3. You are absolutely right. We (and by that I mean I) take ourselves so seriously sometimes. There is so much sadness in the world. We should do what we can to help in those situations rather than spend our time fixating on stupid unimportant things in our lives.

  4. Krystal,
    Dessert is a necessity and we have to enjoy everything put in front of us. My husband lost his job in Lubbock and we moved from Tacoma to Lubbock because of his job. Life has its challenges and we will now why some time.
    Have fun on your new adventure in Europe and remember to nourish your body at the same time as your soul.

  5. I looooove dessert–pastries, pies, cakes, donuts, candy, cookies, and, yes, ice cream. You name it, I love it. Right now, I have dietary restrictions that have cut out everything but low-fat ice cream, and I’m starved for some chocolate goodness!

    I don’t think I could quite give up my ice cream, but I would happily dispense with the all-American soda, chips, pretzels, and all manner of fast food if it would help even one person learn to read.

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