What a Boy Wants…I mean Eats

Does what a man put into his mouth say something about his personality? His potential for a good fling? Or a nice relationship?

Yep. Sorry guys, but if I am on a date with you, it matters to me what and HOW you ingest. Why? Because it matters to me what and HOW I ingest. And although food choices are nearly as important to me than who I become in your presence (if I feel secure and settled), they do play a role in my impression of you. And I venture to guess that you do the same….

So I wanted to know, what does a guy want as far as eats go? Evan, from  Food Makes Fun Fuel…answered a few of my favorite questions:

1) Why do you care about what you eat?

After my Senior year at High School, my body had really been taking a toll from undernourishment, stress, and over activity. I realized the best cure for this was the food that I put in. After that, I decided to take a better look at and new attitude towards everything I ate. And over that time my mind has changed from looking at the nutritional info to looking at the ingredients. I’ve cut out as much artificial products as I can and strive to eat more and more whole foods. But the best lesson I’ve learned in all of this is that eating natural doesn’t have to be bland or simply about nourishment. There are endless flavors out their with endless possibilities that truly can make each meal new and delicious, people just need to put themselves out there a bit more and be willing to try things out.

2) Do you think men IN GENERAL care less about healthy foods than women?

Unfortunately, I do think there is a generalization to be made against men in this case. The problem is most men don’t have to go out and get food for themselves for most of their life, so when they actual find a need to they resort to the quicker option rather than the smarter one. I would encourage all your readers to get the men and boys in your life out of the house and into the grocery stores. They may need some convincing(read: bribing) at first, but that’s ok. Let them pick out things they find interesting that is also good for them, and encourage them to really shop around. I think all it takes is a bit of self-awareness about the food we’re eating and anybody will become a little bit healthier

3) What do you think about women and eating?

 I think women are subject to all the same pitfalls as men. In someways, I think the “Leave It To Beaver” ideal where the husband goes out and works and the woman slaves all day in the kitchen to make him a big dinner when he comes home has helped out(here me out here, ladies). Since then, women have really declared their independence, and showed that they can work AND cook AND clean and be superpeople in their own rights. I’ve often wondered not only how but also why women take so much upon themselves. Is it a feeling of obligation engraved by your mothers and grandmothers to be a good cook and housewife that you take that upon yourselves in addition to the careers and lives you already lead? Whatever it is, I think that extra push has been the last line of defense against McDonalds being at the dinner table every night, so I have to be thankful for that.

4) Top favorite three healthy foods/meals?

Whole grains and peanut butter are probably number one for me. Whether it be toast or oatmeal, whole grains can be so healthy for your body, and adding peanut butter really introduces protein and healthy fats for slower digestion(not to mention the amazing flavor).
Non-fat or low-fat yogurt(preferably Greek style) is also a staple in my fridge. It’s my main source of probiotics and calcium, so I really have to be thankful for that. I think a nice, thick yogurt also feels really decadent and sinful even when it’s non-fat, and it’s great to buy plain and flavor with your favorite jams and fruit.
Lastly, I’d say salmon and bison. That brings us up to 5 foods, but I really wanted to get these two proteins in. I’m not a big meat eater; I think animals should only be eaten for enjoyment and flavor and not just as a
source of protein on the dish. That being said, these are two meats both me and my body always enjoy. Salmon is a great, fatty fish with a strong flavor I just love. And of course you’re getting all the benefits of Omega-3s, just be sure you buy wild which have more protein and a much safer on the mercury scale. Bison is a great, lean red meat that’s lower on saturated fats and cholesterol but has a rich flavor much like an 80% cut of beef. I buy ground bison and make my own patties for burgers.

5) Top place to eat out/splurge

I don’t eat out much. It ends up costing more and you don’t always get exactly what you want how you want it like when you cook for yourself. But when I do eat out, I like to do it right and go Italian, because the Italians really know how to eat and cook. I’ve found a quaint, authentic Italian Ristorante near my house in Southborough, MA called Tomasso that makes some of the best antipasti and pizza around. When we went, we had grilled baby watermelon with goat cheese, followed by a margharita pizze and a fig vin cotta pizze with roasted figs, goat cheese, and a wine reduction. Needless to say, it was all spectacular.

Evan entered the UnBAKE off…check out this entry and I STILL NEED YOUR RECIPES!….and what do you think about my questions or his responses? How is gender impacting your food perspective?


8 thoughts on “What a Boy Wants…I mean Eats

  1. I LOVE his responses!! Can I date this guy? haha. Actually I think my bf, Nick, makes really great choices. And, similar to the answer Evan gave, Nick’s favorite foods are probably whole grains and peanut butter! Yeah, I gotta good one 🙂

  2. Great interview! I think Evan is a rarity in boys though haha ! Oooh, just checked out your “Un-Bake-Off” I have a great recipe for Graham Wafer Squares that would be delish – I’ll post when I get a chance – do we submit photos too or just recipes?

  3. Wow! Interesting interview, K!
    Okay, I know this is so…bad…but I kind of prefer men who just DON’T care about what they eat…I’ve met a few health-obsessed men and picky male eaters, and there is nothing more un-attractive than that. But I think evan is a good balance, so good for him! 🙂

  4. I got lucky since my husband cooks and loves to healthy food. Now that i do most food prep I am thankful he goes along with my vegetarian diet. I just stumbled across your blog while reading Gina’s (The Candid RD) and I found it really interesting. Great background. I notice you mentioned on the section about you that you are (were?) moving overseas. I just moved overseas 4 months ago with my husband (recently married and his is military) and I am loving it. Just thought I’d say hi, enjoy your weekend.

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