Baked Flammkuchen! UnBaked Oat Drops!

Sailing along the railway for less than 45 minutes and one easy platform hop, flowing to the wine “fest” proved practical. The fest mirrors state fairs or carnivals in the states, replete with balloon popping, ferris wheels, and kiosks of cheap-o stuffed toys. The concession stands offered confectionary

Be Careful! It is 40 Proof!

Be Careful! It is 40 Proof!

delights, however. Sure, you’ll score some hot dogs here, but they definitely are not the Oscar type. Not paying close attention, however, instead my attention ran to the fresh creperies, the sugar-laden confectionaries, and baakeri stands. In Germany, it is customary to stand up at bar tables to eat and drink as much as it is to sit on a picnic table and drink. Music promotes an uplifting spirit while downing HALF LITERS of NEW WINE. This is wine stopped in the fermantation process, served in a stein and appears like cloudy cider.

FoCIMG1077und a great Thrift store here, and landed this $2! Vest that kept me warm (okay maybe it was the wine!)

The most yummy part of the festival: Flammkuchen, a thin breaded dough oven crisped to order with smoked ham, onions cheese (there are TONS of varieties). Simple and warm, best with beer. (I didn’t find the wine that appetizing here, but am getting more prone to trying out whites!)


Last night, while plugging in my NEW I HEART YOU YOGURT MAKER, I whipped up an adapted version of Julie’s Suggestion from the UnBake OFF (Click here to enter and Win Bagels!) These cookies definitely crumbled, but added to yogurt, they satisfied. They would be GREAT for kiddies and toddlers.


Mix 1/3 C of Oat Bran with 1/4 C Steel Cut Oats

 I sauteed a mini apple in .5 T maple syrup with cinamon and nutmeg, then pureed it in small processor (you could use some applesauce) 

add to the blender 1 nanner, 1 fresh date, .5 T Maple Syrup, 1 T. Sunflower Butter, 2 T Flax Seeds

Mix Dry and Wet Together…and spoon out into around a dozen mini cookies.

Cool in fridge

 Stay Tuned for A guest post on the eating habits of men!!


6 thoughts on “Baked Flammkuchen! UnBaked Oat Drops!

  1. Sounds like a great festival!
    The cookies look good. I don’t mind crumbly, as long as the taste it there 🙂

    I can’t wait to read your post about the eating habits of men! Great topic.

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love yours. I can’t wait to try those oat cookies :). A yogurt maker?? I love trying new ‘tools’ haha…I really want a spiralizer, but they’re expensive. I’m glad I found your blog and keep on checking out my mine – I haven’t found my ‘focus’ yet, but I will hopefully!

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