K Compares: Flax Nut Butters!

I take a fish oil supplement everyday. Why? because I believe that taking one improves my mental clarity and takes me type a down a notch to a-. Case in point, instead of feeling immensely frazzled at all the choices for housing over here, I trusted my gut instinct and insanely pursued the first house I saw. It was not only “enough” for me, but it exceeded my expectations. Sure, I still wondered “are there better things out there?” but I credit the omega-threes and sixes for preventing a schizo-self-rumination, “am I making the BEST choice” hamster wheel that I know all too well. Why does this matter? The key nutrient battles inflammation…and flax rocks.

And flax in nut butter, well, that just rocks. First, I like roasted nut butters, and the added flax gives the taste a little heat behind the flavor. So I sampled two products I’ve seen around for a while now, Naturally More and Nuttzo.

Naturally More: Costs: around $4 for 13 servings, at 170 calories, 2g sugar, 4 g fiber and 10g protein. It has egg whites in it, as well as wheat germ and this one is NOT organic (they di001_2d have an organic version). What I liked about this butter is that it rocks spreaded on a bagel or whole wheat toast and has a crud-load of protein in it. It is also very affordable, 33 cents a serving.  It didn’t taste that great on my banana, way to sweet. Mixing it with an avocado, however, super yummy results. One problem I have…how much flax and omega per serving is in this baby?

homePAGE1Nuttzo Costs around $12.50, for 14 servings, (89 cents) has 180 calories, 3 g. fiber 1 g sugar, 7g protein. Per serving it has 50% of your DVA of Omegas (650 mg). It is made with only organic nuts (a blend of peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds) and flax seeds. What I liked about the taste was that it was really “chewy”. Think of a big zinfindel on the back of your mouth, it takes time to digest and for every second it’s on your tongue, it is heavenly. I made a healthy snack of nuttzo (one spoonful) whipped into a third cup or so of cottage cheese, a splash of soy milK (blended up with a fork) and then stirred in a handful of canned chickpeas and topped it off with cinnamon. MY LORDY! No pictures because I was at work, and it was the best am pick me up that I have had in a month.

The winner, hands down, is NUTTZO. Run, don’t walk for this superior product. It is WORTH the extra $10 buckaroos, believe me. And if you check out the company, you;ll see they are certified organic, they use sustainable packaging, and they support Project Left Behind. I didn’t know anything about the organization until I got their product. As a company, Nuttzo was started by a mom with adopted kids, and rocks in my opinion. I am adopted, and when we give our money to organizations like these, we are changing the world. I know it sounds cheesy, but choosing to buy a jar over something at whole foods, even just once every 6 weeks, makes a BIG difference.

Enough sappiness….but how much something costs should NOT be reduced to dollars. Right?


11 thoughts on “K Compares: Flax Nut Butters!

  1. I like Naturally More but Nuttzo sounds great. I take fish oil supplements too and I feel like my mind is so much sharper…love my omegas!

  2. Don’t know if you have it over there but Trader Joe’s has a good flax seed PB that I really like. Nuttzo sounds good, but I don’t think I bring myself to spend more on a jar of PB than I would a bottle of wine.

  3. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and telling me about your unbake-off! Such a great challenge! I will definitely announce your event in my next post, and I’m already brainstorming a dish to enter! 🙂

    I take fish oil supplements too – they rock! Thank you for introducing me to Nuttzo – I love how it includes so many different nuts all together! So true, also, your words about the importance of supporting worthy causes, even if the total monetary cost is a bit more – and what better way to contribute to a worthy cause than through peanut butter! 🙂

  4. I’m not a huge fan of the Naturally More PB either, and I can’t figure out how they came up with the DV for Omega-3, because I didn’t think there was one! Glad to know it tastes good with avocado, I’ll try that next time.

    I used to be obsessed with SMart Balance, with flax, but now every time I buy it it smells like fish, gross.

  5. I’m a big fish oil fan. Also I put sesame and flax oil in combination on my salads. And Nutzo sounds great! Actually, maybe I am just a Good Fats fan. Ok who am I kidding. I’m a Fats Fan, plain and simple.


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