Not your brother’s Bolgona

So I thought I’d share a little about my eating adventures. october 019At the market, a 20 minute stroll away, I ended up buying something called suppengemuse, which really was a selection of veggies and herbs: I can identify carrot, parsley?, leek? and maybe a turnip? After getting home, google-university taught me that they are “a little tle bag with a carrot, a lump of celeriac, an onion or two and a sprig of parsley” typically used in meat roasting and soup making. I also got this huge 2 liter of light orange soda.  Because I have my hands back on my spiraler, I plan on using the veggies with a zuchinni and making a veggie pasta tonight, with “curry ketchup” and a yogurt chickpea rice dish.

The only thing I ever recall liking about Oscar Meyer was that little tune sung ad nausem. Let’s get this clear: I am not a bologna fan, and don’t like boys who do. Blogona is an economic godspend to many families across the globe. Basically, it is a smoked product of beef, or pork, or both. Before it was a processed product, however, the fleischwurst was a way to keep meat good for a few days through the smoking/salting process. I would give you the name of this one, if I could remember, but it had fresh white soft cheese and olives and onions inside…I am glad I tried it out, but still, am not a fan.

The meat has a slighty sweet garlic bite
The meat has a slighty sweet garlic bite

october 015

Um….sorry, mom. I had the best cinamon roll that I can recall this afternoon. Seriously, elevated me to a new level. I tried to share, really I did, and although it didn’t look super impressive, there must have been almond paste in there because, lordy, the baked dough melted into my bones. This is a treat that you don’t want to try to replicate. Just eating half (two thirds) of it brought such pleasure, I have to say on my last day, I would love to have a piece of it. Yum! Is it because I couldn’t even bake it anyway? Who cares! Be jealous of me, because you should! Heaven should taste like this…no guilt, just gratitude.

Now I’ll plea for your pity…back to not having an oven…Want to score some Western Protein Bagels (18 grams of protien, 10 of fiber and all light and fluffy!) Reply to my Special K Giveaway HERE to enter a recipe that is not-baked and link it up on your site as well! I’ll make the winner in the next week or so!


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