Special K Challenge: Unbake Yourself

What am I???

What am I???

Pulling back the curtain, peering into my past, I can point to 9th grade as tranformation into rumination, ambition, perfectionism.  But these skills somehow became more sharpened and pointed in the latter sphere of graduate school, in many cases sucking the sense of pleasure from my day to day experiences. I pile on little rules for myself that have no real bearing on my health. Example: Run X miles a week, Find a place to live by Y, Sign up for language classes, find a yoga class, write on my website. Yes, all fruitful endeavors…but life isn’t manufactured and my expectations only exacerbate distress…they do not inspire, motivation or encourage. Like painful pimples rather than a soothing soak.

So I’ve decided to do some short posts in the next few weeks or so…keeping it light and easy. Just a few things I am learning during this transition:

food 022I LOVE my new boots! Fall is here in Germany, and scoring these at an upscale re-sell store 2 days before depature was well worth the extra luggage pounds

The recycling here is simply BANANAS! As a country, we drum up around 30 million tons of garbage annually, and adopted a cool incentive. If a package has a “Green Dot” on it, it costs more due to more packaging. This has led to losing about one million tons less garbage than normal every year. We organize material into about 5 areas: glass, paper, aluminum, compost, electronic. Neat-o. huh?

I am perusing the land of dairy here. I did see soy and rice milk yesterday, but no almond milk. One delicacy I am digging right now, remembered from a backpacking trip 2 years ago is quark. A thick spreadable, yogurt-like sour cream cheese…it rocks on toast with creamed honey (from my Share Package!) I am Quarkified! Look at these fun dairy scores…food 043

I also found this strange round fruit…I didn’t eat the very bitter tart rind, but the inner part is gooey, somewhat likea papaya, but sour limey. It’s a mystery fruit…what is this???  

I never realized how much I adore my oven, and will be without one for a month. I roast, broil, braise, bake…probably 6 days a week. Isn’t it weird when you lost part of your repertiore that you crave it more? (that is why “off-limits” foods increase binge behavior!) I did finally find Sirachi Sauce! (Makes me feel more at home!) But I am longing for homemade granola, biscotti,  breakfast cookies, amazing race bars, roasted squash.  Yet…instead of focusing on what I can’t do or have…let me get a little creative. My challenge is to unbake myself…spinning out of my usual techniques to develop more creativity. I am in need of a un-bake off. So! Here we go…either make your own yum-o and post up linking to this challenge, or comment with a recipe idea HERE. You’ve got 2 weekends until the winner is announced! 

Can you make something normally baked without an oven? You can use a stovetop, a skillet, a coffee pot, a toaster (traditional, not oven)…

Post up a link and your ideas here by October 19th!

What is the goody prize?  A package of Western Bagels Perfect 10 (full of 18 grams protein!)



6 thoughts on “Special K Challenge: Unbake Yourself

  1. I would think most things that are baked can be made other ways, like a toaster oven..do you have one of those? I use mine often, as a way to not use the large oven. You’ll figure out something. And heck, maybe you’ll even come up with a better way to cook! That happens sometimes 🙂

  2. I’m probably the last person to ask about how to cook anything, so I can’t help you with that one.

    There’s nothing wrong with some short, simple posts. It’s better than no posts at all.

  3. For all our talk of green energy and sustainable living, we Americans really need to step up to the plate! Thanks for this window into what another country is doing about recycling.

    As you recently reminded me, there’s nothing wrong with scaling back when you have to. 🙂

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