Sharing the Lovin!

Share Yourself!

Shared Squared!

Here’s the truth of the matter…those “small things” really aren’t so small at all, and as I furl myself into my last two days here in country, the largess of kind shared pleasures occupies my spirit. This feeling conveys the biblical phrase “my cup runeth over…”

First, last weekend, I received a totally wicked, kickin, fab-o package from Jeanne. She pampered me… She graced me with homemade knitted headband and potholder (I need this for my new home overseas!) and jam, and my word, I LOVE the notecards. So wonderful. Check her out…

(If you participated in the share challenge, remember to blog about it and link back here so I can include you in the roundup!)

Then…a shared outing with my best bud Y. I felt on cloud nine whenCIMG0997 she made arrangements to get a sitter for the hunky B.Β  while we had some ladies time…not only did we share a bowl of the best cooked scallop linguine in Olympia, WA, but we found some shared fun treasures along the way. Bitch Magazine (I’ll read on the plane after she reads it this week…) and something we’ve been swooning about all week long at dinner time…TRUFFLE salt. Do you like seasonings? Well, I am a fan of them, and if you go to Buck’s, you can order your very own. In the last week, share consummation must have tallied over a quarter cup. Superb on fried eggs, on seasoned greens, on cucumber and tomato salad, on pasta with butter and cottage cheese melted in….in college? Spice things up at the cafeteria this way…I also like her Green Magic mix.

CIMG1005Let me share with you a great bottle of wine for those of you who like something smooth, but not overly sweet. Lehman’s Shiraz doesn’t overpower and feels crisp, youthful.Β  I usually enjoy something a little more robust but this was the perfect end of the summer it’s almost fall wine. check out his website for great food pairing ideas…my suggestion? TRUFFLE salt.

And Finally, aΒ  cheers to Steph, who won the \

Amazing Race bar Challenge…my gosh, yumo banana oat bRacin Rampage! ars! Y. didn’t have to share with me, but I guess it’s in her nature. Good for breakfast, a packing break, stirred into yogurt, mashed onto oatmeal…okay, I am totally making these in Germany. Steph, can you come visit???

One thing all this sharing does is somehow make me feel a little MORE indulgent. Sometimes I feel so unworthy of all this goodness in my life? How silly is that? Do you something struggle that you don’t deserve or haven’t earned the kindness of others? Well, NONE OF US DO, really! We don’t become or achieve worthiness, it is there all along. Yes, when others share, there is a natural urge to model and share back. But it shouldn’t be about settling a score. It should be about sharing the light that is inside of you.

Want a bed in Germany???I’ll share with you if you visit me!

6 thoughts on “Sharing the Lovin!

  1. You ARE worthy! We all are πŸ™‚ But I know what you mean. I sometimes feel like I don’t deserve all the warmth and goodness in my life, as other people are miserable and lonely. It’s hard, but I just remind myself that I help when I can, and I do what I can to help others, all the time.

    Love the bars, they sound great! And, thanks for the Shiraz recommendation, I’m a red wine fan.

  2. I enjoyed your post about sweeteners… it’s also something I struggle with EVERY day. I actually have come a long way – since going vegan I have MORE cravings for savory foods…. but somehow I have not minimized my sweet cravings, haha. Does that make sense?

    It’s so gosh darn hard, yesterday I plowed through about a 1/2 bag of vegan chocolate chips… no shame πŸ˜‰

    Also, don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win a year’s subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine if you are interested! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so glad you got the package and liked it!!! I wasn’t sure what to put in it. I hope you send some other people nice letters with the note cards. πŸ™‚
    & I can’t wait to go home and see if my package arrived. (I’m out of town right now so I hope it’s there when I get back.) Thanks so much for organizing!

  4. I’m so excited for you! Lots of stress and turmoil, but so much possibility. I am a bit envious. I can’t wait to hear more about it.

    Remember, if nothing else, you definitely get a (Euro) toilet upgrade.

  5. Jeane rocks! Looks like she made you an awesome package! Thanks so much for sending the crackers, i’m trying them tonight! I’m not sure if I have time atm for a non baked contest though, 😦 sorry! Too many things going on!! Good luck though!!! And germany sounds great I wish I could visit!

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