To Just Receive Delight

I don’t recall the exact wording, the humming of my left hamstring a bit
distracting, but she said something along the lines of “it’s about creating
an accepting space for you to receive the healing that’s offered.”

“I don’t do hot rocks or cucumber slices” Courtney R. specializes in medical massage, and she defines health and caters her practice to balancing the knowledge of the head with the wisdom of the senses.

I am not the sort to indulge myself. I wouldn’t need the recession for
reason to restrict, but the culture has heightened many people’s sense of “I can’t.” I see a lot of women living by a gospel of a lot of “shoulds.” These shoulds promote morality, guide decision making, and for the most part, make me a fuller human being. More Compassionate, More Empathetic, More Capable, More, More, More.

But often less as well.  Less Spontaneous. Less Flexible. Less Creative, Less.., well, Alive.

Believe me, I disdain the frivolous luxuries espoused by the Carrie
Bradshaw’s and other caricatures of the media. Most of the single women I know do not spend their money on expensive shoes or eat decadent brunches complete with Champagne with each other every Sunday. Heck, most of us prefer Charles Shaw to $10 martinis and a cute Target bag over Prada.

While there is as much diversity in single women as unsingles, for me, my life is a tribute to functionality, purpose. I “should not indulge” because there are so many other things THAT NEED MY ATTENTION and besides, indulging leads to wastefulness, excess, and for me, ultimately guile that siphons the pleasure of the experience in the first place.

This pattern of behavior is supported by rationalization that I don’t really need to be indulgent. I look down on it.

But, Oh, how bland is life with out it?

Suffice it to say, that I do need to indulge. I need nourishment, pure
reminders of aliveness, where I freely love what I love and the experience does not LAST. It is transient, there is no testament, no trophy, it just is. (THINK: Diet Coke)

Can it be that in pursuit of conservation, in movement towards stewardship, that wastefulness is produced?

I wanted to know why should we spend money on these services? I hear a lot that “you deserve it,” and it irritates me. You should feel as if you have to “earn” restoration. You don’t have to be “good” and reject that donut, or run a 5K, or take care of three kids under three to warrant “indulgence.”

The word means to gratify a desire, or patient attention.

I didn’t expect a lot about my experience at Serenity Spa. And yet, one
competent staff member explained to me that many people attend their spa in lieu of a vacation. It wasn’t until stepping out of their gourmet shower following a mud wrap that I felt such a sense of escape. The wrap not only relaxed me, but cleansed me from the grime of every-day business. My word, I never attributed such “sheer delight” to a spa. Here, with all organic products, cucumber flavored water and candle sconces setting the tone, it is easy to unzip from her head and lead with your senses.

To trust yourself.

To allow yourself. To just receive delight.


3 thoughts on “To Just Receive Delight

  1. i think everyone needs to indulge and just let ourselves ENJOY something. i definitely use terms like “deserve it” and such because i often work myself too hard and forget to have fun. to me that terms implies more that i should be doing more fun stuff on a regular basis

  2. I guess if I trusted what I really wanted, I would feel as if I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying it TOO much…how do you know when you’ve gone too far?

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