Hello, I am K, and I am Fmarket-holic. As evidenced by

1. Recurrent episodes of produce perusing. An episode is characterized by both of the following:

* eating, in a discrete period of time (e.g., within any 2 day period), an amount of fresh food that is definitely larger than most people would eat during a similar period of time

* a sense of lack of control over eating during the episode (e.g. a feeling that one cannot stop sampling or control what or how much one is sampling….even bacon ice cream)

2. The famer-market episodes are associated with at least three of the following:

* Sampling much more rapidly than normal

* Sampling a wide variety of food when not feeling physically hungry

* Sampling alone because of being embarrassed by how much one is sampling

* Feeling a little guilty after sampling “non 100 diet” fare, or spending $8 on a jar of salsa “I could have made”

3. Marked elevated mood regarding farmer’s markets

4. The fm-ing occurs, on average, at least 4 days a week

Many close ones have seriously questioned my diet this past week: are you sure you should be doing this? Is this safe? Are you getting enough (calcium, carbs, protein, fats?). Do you have people question your eating choices?

Onto the highlights (how do some of you document every meal? That is dedication, folks! Wow! For some dishes, click on them to see recipes)

Morning Cereal Satrday morning I threw together a “cereal” to speak to my munching habits and mimic cereal. I ate it up wtih some local milk, and “yogurt” milk…those beets are naturally sweet!

Jack and I went the the farmer’s market and I fell in love with TwinBrook Creamery milk (in cute little jars), not to mention PLUOTS, Mt Townsend Cheese, and smoked salmon samples (um, if I have three, sampling turns into mini-meal). I procured corn, and colored dried beans from the Hummus Maker!  Why I like them: they don’t use foreign olive oil and keep it as local as possible.

Sunday highlights: Ahhh! I woke up to a new batch of Y’s homemade yogurt and a fermenting “keifer” on the counter. In my book, she earns the most gold stars in terms of eating fresh fare, and I am in awe of how naturally she incorporates this philosophy into her daily tasks. As I headed up north to a market in Seattle, she headed south to one in Olympia and to pick up her CSA share.

And score, did we! Look! Look! Homemade peanut butter holy heaven tomorrow! Look at the peanut plant! peanut plant

And score for dried beans…I picked up some garbanzo for hummus!


At her market, Y landed some marionberries, fresh watermelon and pears…plus in the CSA: cabbage, greens, zuchinni, beets, and more

At dinner, for straters, fresh bread my cousins bought me from washington only flour with Gary’s cheese and walnut spread. Then, gorged on the crock-potted hybrid beans from the hummus guy, and made my first easy-over egg (delish are fm eggs and I did okay with it!) and soaped up the sauce with roasted squash. Yolk sauce rocks, with a little salt and pepper divine….after J & J, the movie, I want to try my hand at poached eggs, but am afraid to run $10 eggs!

Oh! don’t you just ADORE packages? Especially those sent to you by friends who SHARE! Thanks Emily! She was SO GENEROUS and UPLIFTING! These are traveling with me when I MOVE OVERSEAS in 2 weeks!

If you get a SHARE YOURSELF package, make sure you post up and link back here when you get yours! CIMG0965

Keep the ideas coming for the “Amazing Race Bar” Special K Challenge/Giveaway… Y. needs a rockin recipe for a “Race Bar”…some conditions 1) easy to prepare (we’re making a lot!) 2) affordable (think Rice Krispy Base) 3) yum-o and energy giving! Post up your recipe by next FRIDAY by commenting here and if you can, email me a pic….the winner will win something from K Crazes: Dr Kracker’s new flavors! Check some of the ideas!


5 thoughts on “FMarket-holic

  1. So cool, you made your of kefir?! I love kefir. Nick thinks it’s gross, but I just can’t get enough!
    Thanks for doing the “share yourself”, it was really a lot of fun and I LOVE what I got form my person!

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