Cheater, Cheater Yogurt Eater

Check out the “Amazing Race Bar” Special K Challenge/Giveaway… Y. needs a rockin recipe for a “Race Bar”…some conditions 1) easy to prepare (we’re making a lot!) 2) affordable (think Rice Krispy Base) 3) yum-o and energy giving! Post up your recipe by next FRIDAY by commenting here and if you can, email me a pic….the winner will win something from K Crazes.

Local Sweet Corn

Local Sweet Corn

The purpose of this 100 mile diet involves questioning “how (not just what or why) do I eat?”  Researching where food is made, connects me to a history and allows me to inform myself of the how the miracle of bread occurs. Also, what happens to my body and spirit when certain foods I routinely have (CEREAL!) are selectively, even temporarily, avoided…(Seriously, do you know how cereal is made? As “special K” this means a lot to me. Check this out!)

If you want to share with me in this process…check out these eye-opening last few days.

Thursday Eats:

Breakfast: Two Hard Boiled EggsCIMG0934

Snack: By 10am, I was browsing through the Farmer’s Market! Right off, I munched on some end of the season raspberries…then sampled smoked Salmon and white fish, and yes…spent about 30 minutes with Gary from Willapa Farms eating every cheese…and happened to drool over CJ from Top Chef as he was doing some sound bites for some promotion there. Double score…and it is always nice to have a friend in the cheese business, yes? I picked out a salty blue cheese sheep variety. Other goodies I scored: pole beans, cucumbers, gigantic basil, zucchini, carrots, corn, a monster orange squash, apples, pluots.

Lunch: Soaked emmer groats with honey & homemade yogurt and peach jam

(Y = goddess lifesaver…seriously satisfying dairy)

Still getting consistency of nut butter right!

Still getting consistency of nut butter right!

Snack: Wild Plum + whole milk and some walnuts + 4 “stolen” Dr. Krackers…I was hungry!

Dinner: I can now say that I am no longer a VitaMix

Virgin NO MORE!

Virgin NO MORE!

Virgin. In this bad boy, I whipped up homemade pesto marinara (with basil, walnuts, and canned local mCIMG0937arinara jam) homemade walnut spread (local honey, walnuts) “Emmer-Meal” (soaked tri-cale emmer groats blended with a little honey) and corn hash.

CIMG0940Here’s the bad boy recipe for this: three corn stalks roasting the kernels for 30 mins at 425…then pulsing with garlic and salt and a little itty bit of water…then pan frying a bit on the stove. I LOVED it! Need to make more soon. Roasted Carrots, and Potatoes and a Salad was also prepared, not to mention vita-mixing blueberries in with honey, yogurt, and I guess some walnut sauce….after 2 hours, I was hungry and tired but had food for the next 2 days…

Click on Me to Learn More

Click on Me to Learn More

What I learned today: Gary makes killa cheese, and maybe a vita-mix is worth it’s price tag + it’s inspiring to have a pal like Y who easily incorporates these foods into her daily life

Friday Eats:

Um, I fell off the wagon in the morning, I must confess. First off, I was STARVING when I woke up. By 9am, I craved carbs. Opening up the fridge at work, I noticed a tin of yogurt that I bought a few weeks back and couldn’t resist. If you’re going to “cheat” make it count, and so I threw in the last of homemade granola. This got me thinking about my cereal infatuation and the cereal industry (see below) but LORD-y! This yogurt tasted DIVINE!

Lunch: Roasted Carrots, EmmerMeal with Y’s cooked local free range lemon chicken (she made one when a guest visited and froze remainders for easy noshing), Salad, slice of local cheese. Look whCIMG0950at I scored, though! Local stevia soda! Yah K!

Snack: Apple

Dinner: I went to a work gathering bringing some salad and local watermelon, and everything there (except the wine) was “out of my radius” Not even local bread. Doubt set in, not to mention a growling tummy. People, this is a little sad when you consider it…in pursuit of health, I had a small deli sandwich and some pretzels. Every dish was “convenience” food.

Snack: Y’s home = refuge. She made delish tomato soup, and I polished off the rest of the hash with potatoes and walnut spread and cheese.

What I learned today: I spend a lot of my precious hours researching things. The best car insurance for living overseas, how to transfer I tunes to my new computer, and recently, where to purchase dried beans. Not even Whole Foods, or small co-ops, can determine if the dried beans they sell are produced in the state. A lot of states pool their supply and then distribute…isn’t that strange? But I think I have a lead on beans from a guy who knew a guy who makes hummus here and sells the goods at the market.

I don’t like cheating against my own “rules.” And that feeling of failure is yucky. But it isn’t my lack of willpower that needs attending to. It’s the unrealistic rigidity of the rule to begin with. The awareness of this diet is what matters. No one is going to give me a gold star for letting $2 yogurt go bad.

Another thing: I need more carbs. I will buy bread with flour made 200 miles away the next time I am at CIMG0930the Farmer’s Market (I declined yesterday).

One more highlight: A PACKAGE! Look how adorable this owl pendant is! Check out ….on etsy! Carrie makes cutesie accessories

Catch my weekend wrap up Monday morning!


9 thoughts on “Cheater, Cheater Yogurt Eater

  1. such a great post! too often ppl (myself included) set up wicked rigid rules and then beat themselves up when they can’t follow through. i love how you realize that it’s the awareness and overall goal not making sure everything is 100% local. rock on! 🙂

  2. Great point. Whenever I create unrealistic goals for myself, I’m bound to fail. Realistic goals are the KEY to success! Thanks for the information about cereal, by the way!

  3. Good realization. Yes, trying things out and putting more thought into our eating habits is great, but nothing is worth beating ourselves up or feeling like a failure.

    Carbs are totally essential to live. Hope you find some good bread at the Farmer’s Market!

  4. I have to imagine that living in Chicago, I would find your 100 mile challenge to be not only challenging but mostly VERY expensive, and it’s disappointing that’s it’s so difficult and intimidating to attempt to eat mostly as a locavore. But that’s why I commend the work you are doing! Keep it up! 🙂

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