100 Mile Diet Begins!

On my list: Task #59…. Eat only food produced with 100 miles of where I live for one week

Why?: Over a dinner of stuffed poblano peppers purchased from a farmer’s stand in Altadena, CA, close friends raved about the book Omnivore’s Dilemma. This was over five years ago, and inhaling the chapters breathed new awareness into my gratitude for edibles, and shock at the duplicity of the food industry. A few weeks following my move to WA 2 years ago, I wolfed down the Canadian book, 100 Mile Diet (here, Plenty), and then was transfixed…what foods were produced (not manufactured or shipped) within 100 miles of my being? This task has been on my radar pre-101 list, and now, with fear and trembling, I now begin.

 So, here are a few things I’ve already been obsessing over. Coffee/Tea is out of the 100 mile radius (ummm…I can’t google maps directions to the equator), but since I already mastered that no caffeine for a week task, I don’t feel compelled for a withdrawal repeat.  So I will sip on locally roasted and packaged coffee and tea from here…Second, I am throwing in salt and locally packaged seasonings for good measure…but just think about it: where is Sirachi made, exactly? I am sure I’ll endure intense hot sauce bends, and yet, perhaps my pores will be detoxified in the process. Third, my current host will breathe a sigh of relief Gum/Mints/HardCandy are “free”…I’ll write a quick post about where these come from, but earth people will be spared my rancid running breath…

I’ve been psyched up for this and have been thinking/preparing for months now. Here are some initial foundations I’ve built:

Milk/Cheese and Eggs: WA has plenty of locally produced dairy products. My first day will

My wonderful friend and current host, Y., has an electric yogurt maker (she won’t go for my plastic insulated one) and thus, I am yogurt-fied

Veggies: Y. is a good sharer. She gets a CSA on Sundays, and frequents the farmer’s markets. I plan on browsing through three times this next week: Thurs/Sat/Sun….

Some things I’ve got planned: Corn “cereal”, Sweet Potato Mash, beet and carrot salad. We’ve already got some homemade jam to devour for the sweetness and I’ll pick up some local honey.

Proteins: Um, WA? Can we say fish?

I had to research nuts a bit because I didn’t want to go a whole week without nut butters. Most nuts are produced in warmer climates, but again, Y. scored some locally grown hazlenuts and walnuts. Will make nut butters soon!

I’ve researched legumes, and know that they are grown within 100 miles of here, but what is sold in stores, even small health food markets, come from multiple locations and distribution centers several states away (how messed up is that?). Stay Tuned….the hunt is on.

Grains: Yep, WA produces oat and wheat, but they are almost 300 miles away. No flour for me this week. But, I did score some emmer grain a few months ago from a local farm and will keep my eyes peeled. Until then, my carbs will be starchy veggies (corn, pea, carrots, potatoes) and soaked emmer blended for oats.

 I hope to have daily recaps of my eats and challenges (a long hike and potluck tomorrow???).  

 In the meantime….Check out the “Amazing Race Bar” Special K Challenge/Giveaway… Y. needs a rockin recipe for a “Race Bar”…some conditions 1) easy to prepare (we’re making a lot!) 2) affordable (think Rice Krispy Base) 3) yum-o and energy giving! Post up your recipe by next FRIDAY by commenting here and if you can, email me a pic….the winner will win something from K Crazes.


7 thoughts on “100 Mile Diet Begins!

  1. ahhhh awesome challenge – i can’t wait to see how it goes! it reminds me of animal, vegetable, miracle by barbara kingsolver. she might help inspire you 🙂

  2. I try to do about a good percentage of my food from 100 miles. I can do all produce, dairy, eggs, and some fish/seafood. For coffee I buy from a local company that roasts the beans locally. But for some of my staple foods there are just no local possiblities like olive oils/vinegars, lemons, avocado, and nuts

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