Mirror, Mirror: A Guest Post

On the road again….you might notice that my postings and comments have been MIA…bear with me! Even when on vacay, though, my heart swells as friends, familys, and online supporters share themselves with me. The move overseas beckons deep conversations about what matters, the weak spots I hide, the power that goes unrecognized in the media/culture, in myself….while shopping with a longtime “sister” she said, “the mirror always lies” and it reminded me of this video on the business of “beauty”

Watch this and tell me what you think…

Lynne, from the Actor’s Diet (which is about lifestyle, not a regimine) shares this with us:  

As an actress who is constantly going in for roles where the description is “hot, pretty, attractive, cute,” etc. I definitely know I’m perceived as “beautiful” – I’ve been told this my entire life, since I can remember, actually.  My mother used to quickly butt in whenever people told me I was pretty by saying, “Lynn, where are you really pretty?”  And I would point to my heart and say (like a trained monkey), “Here pretty.”  Even back then, I knew that beauty was only in the eye of the beholder, and that if I didn’t feel pretty on the inside, it didn’t matter what others thought. 
One of my good friends is always telling me I’m an ugly girl trapped in a hot girl’s body.  She thinks that I don’t “take full advantage” of my looks because I rarely wear makeup and I’m forever in oversized sweatpants and baggy clothes.  The truth is, I feel most like myself when I’m comfortable, with my face naked and my “flaws” out there for the world to see.  I feel most beautiful when I am accepted exactly as I am, however I feel that particular day.  I feel empowered when I don’t compare myself to others – even other versions of myself – and just embrace myself right now, wherever I am, whatever size I am, however weak or strong I feel physically or mentally.  There are plenty of times I have had perfectly tailored clothes on, my makeup and hair professionally done for 2 hours, and I just feel like ass about my life.  When I see the finished result I don’t see someone beautiful, I see my problems, hiding beneath the surface.  And I’m urged to work on those things first.

Wow, Lynne. To my friend, I urge: who you are is so much more than WHAT you are.  

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6 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror: A Guest Post

  1. My physical appearance is a big issue for me, too, more so because I’ve always had such mixed responses, ranging from exclamations about my “beauty” to cruel teasing about my “ugliness.” Frankly, it’s really messed with my head!

    When I was younger, I loved acting and briefly made a go of it professionally, but I didn’t have the stomach for the harsh personal criticism that actors have to withstand. I knew it wouldn’t be healthy for me with my already shaky self-image.

    These days, I feel like I’m slowly growing beyond the fixation on my outward appearance. I’ve noticed that since I decided to stop dating, it’s become a lot less important, too. I always thought I just wanted to look good for me, but I now I can see how much of my obsession was really about wanting to look good for the guys. Now I can go out without makeup and not even think twice about it. Don’t like the way I look? Oh, well! Whatcha gonna do about it? Stop me from living my life? Not at all! 🙂

  2. When I look in the mirror, I see exactly who I am, and when I look into a magazine, I see what I want to be. This video makes me sad because that person is not who she is on the magazine. I need to look in the mirror and say, “this is beautiful.” We need to challenge those images because it is not real people, and do you think that woman looks at the billboard and is proud??? I am not “pretty enough” is just a sad statement.

  3. Reading this post reminds me of a curious observation: when I dress “comfortable” (as opposed to dressing up for work), my dog is particularly happy–he wags his tail, wiggles his butt and smiles in anticipation.

    It’s probably why I am so fond of the quote “Lord, help me to be half the person my dog thinks I am.”

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