Lazy Hazy Days: A Guest Post!

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In the meantime: Greetings from one of my best friend’s house across the country. I’ve started the “goodbye” rounds as I prepare to move overseas in three weeks. Moved completely out of my solo abode, I am now at the mercy of gracious hosts and guest/baby/office accommodations. Being in the presence of my beloved inner circle, I feel unfurled a little. Jostled out of my routine, I am 80% the vacay K.  For the most part I allow myself to trust that my inclinations are valid. And somehow, I don’t have to be productive—the self-monitoring monster slumbers.  It is a relief to experience this version of myself from time to time, just to periodically re-familiarize myself that the world doesn’t end when I am off duty…….

For the most part. The battle of the long-standing habit of needing to “earn it” persists. I have to constantly breathe myself back into the moment….Since I am out of a routine, my blog might be a little happenstance, and I’ve asked some fellow bloggers to share with me…starting with Blue Eyed Heart,  who shared on  how she strives to rest and relax on vacation:

On a recent vacation, the weather made it sort of necessary for me to stay cooped up in my hotel room.  For pretty much an entire day.  I think I may have watched more TV then I have in my entire life combined.  Granted, this doesn’t amount to much, but it left me feeling glassy-eyed and vacant-headed… and like I was becoming one with the pillows on the chair!  I was meant to be relaxing on this vacation, but relaxation is apparently not something I can do.  I always end up feeling lazy instead… which is silly, I guess, since everyone needs to recharge their batteries once in a while.  It’s just that the concept of sitting still and not doing anything is so foreign to me; I kind of feel like I need to be accomplishing something “useful” every second of every day in order to justify my existence on this planet.  Or some such nonsense.
Clearly, I am a very black-and-white person.  Chilling out on vacation is not a bad thing; that’s the whole point of a vacation, isn’t it?  But it’s so ingrained in me from my “regular life” that I need to be doingdoingdoing all the time, that I can’t separate that part of me for long enough to actually just r-e-l-a-x.  I am horrified at being viewed as “lazy,” even if only by myself.  Yet I also recognize that this is probably not entirely normal, and so I set about attempting to teach myself a lesson.  Armed with nothing but an MP3 player, the next day I ventured out into the sunshine and parked myself on a beach chair.  I reclined it, turned up the music, and stubbornly closed my eyes.  They were meant to remain closed for two entire hours.  While that didn’t exactly happen, I did make it to twenty minutes before I just had to look at my watch.  Minor progress!
No progress in Minor, I say! Do have trouble feeling “lazy” and being on vacation???

6 thoughts on “Lazy Hazy Days: A Guest Post!

  1. You just spoke to my soul!! You sound like me, I’m the queen of “can’t sit still”. I have become so much better at letting myself relax, even just in the last three months. This summer has taught me to relax and enjoy it. Many times I sit, watch tv, read a book, and eventually feel this urge that I need to be doing something on my “to do list” or get a head start on something, rather than reading some chick book, ya know?
    Minor progress is good, just take it a day at a time!

  2. You could definitely try these flavors (ice cream) out at home. IN fact I’ve done my own experimenting, simply by adding cayenne to the ice cream like Jeni’s. It tastes AWESOME!

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