I am a Hero, not a ZERO

Sharing creates momentum. When there’s an appreciation and awe that it is who you are together (friendly, warm, grateful) rather than what or where you are (friends, doctor-patient, mover-owner), goodness grows. I happen to know that my homemade banana bread orchestrated the movers to pack and crate my few possessions within 5 hours rather than 18. (And to think, those puny little nubs, saved from the trash can, now are revered with medicinal mumbo jumbo!).

shareSharing infuses us with life. I’ve written a lot of honoring myself when savoring things solo (ME MEALS, traveling…), yet I also know that I feel most alive when I feel as if I matter. That without me, the movers would not have tasted the best banana bread of August 26th, 2009.

It’s not about things, what we get when we share.  “Dr., if I follow you, goodness goes with it.” A highlight of my professional week, on the same day as a friend who said that she could always trust my recommendations for reading. Then a person said that they thought of me as a “maven” (read the Tipping Point)…and something clicked with me: In this season, I bask in being a sharer. I am single, professional, and can contribute a lot.  Working with kids, often adults want to measure others as “good” sharers and “poor” sharers. I tend to look at it as enhanced given a certain context.

What context do you require to share your strengths?


5 thoughts on “I am a Hero, not a ZERO

  1. Hey K. Thanks for the commment, I’ve been doing well. My body is keeping up with the miles so I’m happy with that.
    I completely agree with you, sharing stimulates good feelings all around. I think that the spiral effect generated from altruistic gestures is quite profound.

  2. Yes, sharing builds community. If we share, others are likely to share also. I love to share the food I make. I also like to share my passion for learning with my students. I think (hope) that by being enthusiastic, caring, and encouraging, I inspire them to learn and share what they have learned with others.

  3. I really enjoyed this post…. I’m going back to work next week after being off all summer (school social worker) and I went into this profession because I wanted so desperately to share of myself with others and because I felt such a strong pull, a desire, to do whatever I could do improve the quality of life of those around me.

    Often in my work, it is not only thankless but often it’s so difficult to see progress and as a result it’s very easy to get down on oneself for not sharing enough, not doing enough.

    But, you reminded me that my work IS valuable! Thank you for that!

  4. Oh my gosh K, I love your posts! You always seems so serene 🙂 It’s so nice to see you recognize your worth and encourage others to do the same! Prop rocks to you girl. (I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I just say Prop Rocks because it sounds like Pop Rocks, and I love those:) xoxox)

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