Weekend Round Up: Packing it up and in

Friday highlights: I spent the better part of the day packing up my office for my move overseas. The movers come on Tues/Wed for my household goods (it will take about 3 months to ship over there) and then foLittleCrisps,BIGflavor! r the next month, I’ll be bumming it around, traveling to see friends and staying with my BF and Baby B. here. Super, super exhausting, moving is! More emotional anxiety than I was expecting…especially because I am so psyched about it.  I can’t RELAX! Sitting down challenges me….but my body protests. The highlight of my day? A PACKAGE from Dr. Kracker! 4 New Culinary Crisps to try!  So far, I’ve eaten almost  a whole box of apple crisp. (What to trade? I am in need of 2 packages of Western Bagel  Perfect 10 Bagels if you’d like to try out HUMMUS and Cherry Seminola! Just sign up for my Share Yourself Giveay! )

Saturday highlights:  Saturday, I always make time for Jack. After spending CIMG0793some time at a Farmer’s Market (forgot the camera! Sorry!) where we scored chocolate bread and fresh  basil, and oozing cantelope/watermelon,  we salivated over lunch at Whole Foods:perfected by wine tasting.  all day long, my heart felt rushed…and although I had no time frame, yet  my spirit felt as if time was running out and I was late for something. I think this is one reason YOGA has been distasty lately…I am avoiding the quietness within me.  I’ve packed in a lot of the loss that moving ahead entails.  When this happens, I want to figure it out…but what I really need is comfort….so I whipped up some pesto grilled cheese while completing my LAST project here…wall plaques.

The plaques and pesto didn’t hit the spot. Around 11pm, although my mind said “it’s too late to eat! wait til morning,” my tummy crave blueberry oatmeal. Within 5 minutes of hitting my tummy, my whole body let go, and I relaxed…how random is that!  

Sunday Highlights: Finally, dragging myself to Yoga, after a short 45 minute session where I was both strong and unfurled with random thoughts, I enjoyed a brief 3miler. Ah! So freeing. Volunteering at a communitCIMG0798y street fair, I scored this adorable (:!) cereal/yogurt bowl…isn’t this divine??? Just the treat I’ll need to have when I first arrive…European yogurt anyone?

Long walks, riding the bike to the veggie market, and talks with loved ones…plus a bubble bath and the new read, and finally, I am ready to end my “work” week and begin again tomorrow.

Do you pack it up or in when stressed?


9 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up: Packing it up and in

  1. Stress for me means going outside for fresh air, eating a bowl of ice cream (yeah, I know, stressed eating!), or working out (better choice). I do pilates also, but I should start getting into yoga.

    I’d love to take a bath, like you, but until we move into a nicer place I refuse to do anything but shower!

    Love the new cereal bowl 🙂

  2. when i’m stressed I will run and run because it’s soooo freeing! I am in LOVE with your new bowl, those owls are too cute!! goodluck with all the packing and shipping…to me those are stressful and my least fav things!

  3. To be honest, when I am stressed, I don’t realize it until later. Either I fight with others, get frustrated with the kids easily and find myself munching on things rather than eating. I “pack it in” Thanks for admiting that.

  4. I can’t believe moving day is finally here for you! I mean, I knew you were moving, but it seemed far away until here it was! I’m wishing you a smooth journey.

    Your wall plaques are so vibrant! What an artist you are! Love that owl bowl, too.

    When I’m stressed, I try to examine the source of the stress and take care of that. So if I’m stressed about packing, to use your example, I might make a list and check everything off to make sure it’s there. Usually any stress I feel is because I fear I’m not prepared for something, so I try to prepare as much as possible, whether that means making a list, printing out directions, studying, or whatnot.

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