K Cooks: Banana Coconut Curry

Just a quickie today…but in keeping with a SHARE yourself challenge (DON’T MISS OUT ON CHIA GOODNESS!) I savored a MIND BLOWING dinner last night (which has led to oozing drool this PM just obsessing about it…but no photos tonight, I’ll be too enraptured in the inhaling).

Let me share it with you:

If I had a big bowl like this, I'd make more coconut milk

If I had a bowl like this, I would make more coconut water!

Step 1: make your own coconut milk/water. Here’s what I did…took half a cup large unsweetened coconut flakes, placed in 2 cup measuring cup filled with water, let set in fridge all day. Heat on low for 10 minutes. Pour all of the liquid and half of the flakes into processor and blend. (I am reusing the rest of the pulp to add vanilla extract and sugar and pudding mix for “ice cream”).

Step 2:   Add a few garlic cloves, a tablespoon of madras curry, a half of a banana and a few tablespoons of miso and blend. 

Step 3. Simmer for 10 minutes

You’ll have sauce for 4!



I spiraled up some curly-qued eggplant, cayote, carrot, with onion and garlic and sauteed it in the sauce. Served with a cheddar cheese chive “nuked-eggsomlette” and THE MOST DELICIOUS PIZZA FROM A FREEZER EVER!  Trader Joe’s Truffle Flatbread Pizza I want to have your babies. Rush out now, seriously, and buy…like 10 of them. I noshed on half of it and won’t be able to relax until I have another glass of  Cupcake Cab and the rest of it. Anything else is just fringe. wine


Seriously…can’t write now, have to go eat and drink and certainly BE MERRY!  


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