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I just LOVE making and getting packages. At the age of 30, I’ve collected major intimate friendships with a series of sisters who do not live by me. There are more than half a dozen or so, and I probably send a package 1-2 times a week. I like collecting little pieces of people, Orange Tic Tacs for C., Anything Butterfly Related for T., Funny Men/Blonde/Republican Humor for AK. It helps me feel connected. Sharing myself makes life more fulfiling.
In the past few weeks, the highlights have been such packages. Anytime I receive a new postcard (I am collecting them and still have MANY states left) from an almost stranger, it elevates my mood. Preparing the jam, sending it and receiving it ushered in a sweetness.  E from Vegan Fritz and I shared a cool thing where we batered for things we loved from each other’s sites: A coffee mug for me, and MicroLife Bars for him. How Cool is that? Last night, I received PB2 and some green protein powder.  Instantly, my mood improved and I found myself humming while cooking.
chiaSo it got me to thinking…this week, my intention is to SHARE yourself. I tried out some Chia Goodness the other day, and want to share some with you. What would you like to SHARE with someone? Perhaps it’s those new Pistachio Lara Bars, perhaps a cookbook, or great running socks, a box of pretty notecards, a fun cereal bowl, or a tea selection. Think of a product you’d like to receive. To participate, comment that you’re in here and email me specialktreatment gmail with your address. PASS the word around. You’ll get an address to send your goodie to next week…The person who gets mine will also snag up a box of MacroGreen Powders.
So, are you willing to take some time to share??

43 thoughts on “Share Youself

  1. I used to LOVE sending packages but I’m not ready to re-enter that fray. I’ve been ignoring birthdays and fun for about two years now. But I’m getting close to returning. I used to take so much joy in putting my little packages together. Thanks for the reminder of that part of my life!

  2. This is such a fun idea! Recieving things in the mail ALWAYS brightens my day! I would love to share my favorite nut butters or maybe some local preserves. We also have a great local, organic/vegan shop here in the ‘Nati that carries some great jewelry, eco-friendly kitchen items and locally made vegan bars! I would love to give someone a lil taste of our evolving city! Anyone wanna share some PB2? I’ve never tried it!

  3. This is such a fabulous idea!! I’d love to share some of the new larabar flavors since i know not everyone has been able to find them yet! Maybe some local “teather” too!

  4. Actually, you know what? I am NOT in – you can’t mail food over the border (either way) without a lot of hassle (I am in Canada) and I have had things disappear before 😦

    But what a great idea – perhaps I will start this up for Canadian bloggers…..

  5. What a fabulous idea!! Love it!

    I would be happy to share some Newman’s own products (dried fruit, fig newton bars, mints, etc), and some Clif products – I have some of their new Rok products which are protein candy bites!

    I would be thrilled to get chia seeds (my WF doesn’t carry them) and I have also been unable to find chickpea miso anywhere!

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  8. I would love to do this… and I’m really up for trying just about anything (fun nut butters, chia seeds, really anything). I’ve got some PB2 (and sweet music) I can offer up 🙂

  9. What a GREAT idea! I love your creativity and willingness to get so many blogging sistas involved! I’ll share my new true love SUnbutter, along with some A-M-A-zing local Utah creamed raspberry honey. It is divine, and nope, no cream! Maybe some more of my favorites, too…I’m excited to put this package together!

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