Me Meal Monday: Recipes Galore!

What exactly is a ME MEAL, K?

My response is that it is a meal for just you. It could be take out set out on china plates. It could be noodles “with grape jelly.” It could be something you have never tried, or something that you remember from your childhood. What do you eat when you eat alone?  Most people responded with something simple, with minimal ingredients, but trusted ones with the promise of pleasure.

Karena’s winning combo: a bowl of instant mashed potatoes with corn (canned or frozen – whatever I have on hand), cheese and TONS of hot sauce. 

Some did report on impressive gourmet like food recipes…but most of us, we like it simple. We return to “standbys” because ME MEALS, signify acceptance, belonging, something familiar and safe. I always go back to the sure-fire things I know that satisfy: yogurt with granola, nut butters, bread, becoming heavy handed and infatuated with different “toppings” (Special K is a condiment whore).

Check out Bobby’s tunafish and Karena  the other Me Meal finalists, as well as comments from the original post. Some people emailed me recipes, and I created a cookbook. If you want a copy, let me know here, subscribe to the blog and I’ll email it back. If you want to add your recipe, photo, and why you like this ME MEAL, email me soon!  

What do people eat when they are single? Take-out? Pizza? Frozen Hungry Mans? Perhaps. What do people eat when the husband or wife is away and the children are at practice? Leftovers? Cereal? Ice Cream? Maybe.  Do they indeed munch over the kitchen sink or standing up reading a magazine or flipping through bills? Sure.

What and how doesn’t matter as much as WHY we eat alone.  Sometimes when we eat solo, we nourish the most elemental part of us, and sometimes it is just fuel. Sometimes we just graze and sometimes we savour. What counts is to listen to what only YOU require in that moment of hunger and honor it.

Excuse me while I mosey off to gather my ingredients for dinner tonight: Wine, blue cheese and apple salad with bread, and steamed mashed cauliflower, corn and chickpeas, and SIRACHI jam/sauce.


4 thoughts on “Me Meal Monday: Recipes Galore!

  1. awesome dinner! currently i’m on vaca with a friend and her family and sometimes i just want to eat alone to be with my thoughts but they’re very big on no one eats alone haha. it’s been interesting to say the least 🙂

  2. bah I want what you had for dinner, it sounds awesome! How do you make the cauliflower? I always hear about mashing it but have no idea where to start.

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