Weekend Round-Up: Getaway Partner

unexpected travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

On Friday, my friend informed me that she would not be going away to Oregon with me for our wine tasting portland getaway. dissapointed, irritated, lonely…especially after failing to find a replacement partner for her. Out $150, call-a-friend-support advised “go alone…” and that’s what I did. After some significant road bumps (literally, I was rear-ended!) and hotel troubles (um, cigarette bud in my bed!), book therapy at Powells ensued (the second session toppled the first because it was solo!). Yep, after donating some books, scoring a $15 credit, K spends at least two hours picking up, sipping or glurping down lines, a surge of anticipation and possibility…fueled by bookworm blend and one hour later, hot cocoa…I chose the left one, on top of The Double, by Saramogo.


Decisions, Decisions

CIMG0768Following this, the hunky bartender at Typhoon treated me to trout steamed up in a banana leaf with spicy sauce (he felt incredibly sorry for me because a gap-toothed flounder next to me  relentlessly spewed pieces of his rice at me in between blurts of his woes). Honestly, the food did not hit the spot…not because of flavor,but because of the accoutrements.

On Saturday, the folks at  Yoga Pearl allowed me to partake in their hour power heated (95 degree) vinayssa practice. After over a weeklong “breather” I was stronger, which for some reason, brought forth thoughts like “this isn’t a woCIMG0769rkout” which I tend to negate often. Do others discount certain activities as “not enough work?” Isn’t that plain destructive? Noticing it is helpful, and following the hour long warm up, I felt relaxingly awake. The change of venue from my usual yoga studio unexpectedly re-inspired me. This place felt nourishing…..here is the nugget from the instructor “Stop trying to be where you are not. When you are doing laundry, you think about yoga. When you are are doing yoga, you think about laundry. Be you, here, NOW.”

The highlight of the day involved a gab fest with a woman I very much admire. We don’t share a history, but when we share bread and company, I open up and am 100% honest with my weaknesses and strengths. Our lunch definitely nourished every part of K: the mind, the body, the spirit. The cafe, committed to food sustainability, of course mattered (will I find places like this overseas?) I ordered a quinoa power salad with grilled tempeh, carrot ginger dressing and a fried corn bread. Swear vegn gurus gussied up that dressing…  


Go Ahead and Salivate

Go Ahead and Salivate

I owned this 24 hour getaway…with the best partner of all. ME and the unexpected. (Of course, a little packed PB helped smooth out the ride as well!).

Waking up energized (or after soaking in a tub and being in jammies for three hours, I went for an hour jog on Sunday while a nice granola loaf rose and some sticky black rice “pudding” (made CIMG0792with coconut milk) thickened (this is after eating left over mac n cheese at 7 am with almond milk. Homemade Sticky Rice PuddingYep,this was a ME MEAL). I ended up taking them to a picnic on blind date #2. Skipped yoga again in favor of reading the new book of mine and sipping Maryhill and munching on some Humbolt Fog cheese, followed by live carrot pasta & garbanzo bean “dal”. Life feels rich and divine.

Tomorrow, I’ll put up the three finalists on a new K Cooks page for voting on…and Paula hasn’t claimed her 2lb Amazing Meal yet! What to do? Do you have a challenge idea?






7 thoughts on “Weekend Round-Up: Getaway Partner

  1. Sometimes it’s just really nice being alone, and doing things for yourself, right? I love that I have the ability to be independent, it’s a great quality!

    I’m still not over the cigarette in your bed….gross!

  2. That’s an awesome story! I love going places alone. It’s so relaxing (and revelatory) to have no other thoughts to listen to but my own. For me, it’s also a little boost to my sense of self-efficacy to know that I successfully got myself from Point A to Point B. (I’m directionally challenged. But that’s another story!)

  3. I agree with everyone, it’s nice to be with people but they are times when it’s best to be alone. You can relax your mind and ease any tension you might be having.

  4. I’m so impressed that you went it alone, and had such a great time.

    I don’t get out of town by myself, but since I’ve got such a large family, there are times when I just have to go have some decompression times. Those are special times for me!

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