Path of Peanut Butter

A spring in my step sponsors this grateful mood I savor today.  Chuckling at how in one hour I can grand slam it at the hospital with a few patients and the next somehow manage to pour half a bottle of body spray down my yoga pants. I attribute such buoyancy to allowing myself to slow down, and revere out how many choices I have made in respect, in gratitude, in recognition of my unique aliveness…and your comments.

So I skipped yoga this am (yep, again) to finish Trail of Crumbs. I slowly ate this book, as she blends her search for a sense of internal belonging with her appetites, attempting to connect through cooking. Want my copy? I’ll send it to the first to request it! A few lines munched into my core

This crazy idea that I must keep running in order to survive, in order not to be loved too much or not enough. Running so I will never have to deal with someone not wanting to keep me.

And this one: (cheesy, I know, but it fed me)

For now, I have learned that home is in my heart —in the people and places I left behind. It’s in the food I cook, and share with others, in the cities I will come to know, and in the offerings of vendors around the world, in market I have yet to discover.

As I prepare to move overseas in a little more than a month, or as we all transition from one season into another, I feel restless, nervous, indebted to this being alive business. So fundamentally easy, and yet I complicate it so. No matter what I am, the big decisions and moral questions I face daily (is this child “going to make it”) and the little choices that occupy too much space (“should I stop for gas here?”) I still choose what to prepare for lunch, for dinner, how to take my coffee…I know one thing…I don’t want no Trail of Crumbs…leaving my mark, I want of PATH of Peanut Butter…or something that at least STICKS!

 So embrace that which surrounds you that inspires your alive-ness. Jess! This means you! You WON the Cetaphil Products! Woo-hoo! Email me your address so I can tell the folks where to send the goods to…

 And this is the last weekend to email me your recipes for the ME MEAL giveaway…You’ll get a free cookbook and a chance to win a signed copy of Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant. Just email a photo, a recipe and why you like this eating/preparing this dish solo….winners announced next week.


5 thoughts on “Path of Peanut Butter

  1. I love reading books that make me want to read them instead of doing something else! Seems that you found one 🙂

    I can’t imagine the anxiety one must feel when making an overseas move. I get anxious when I take one of my trips to South East Asia, and I know I’m coming back home afterwards. I wish you the best in your move 🙂

  2. My prescious child,
    Your path has already begun to be laid in something far more than sticky peanut butter. Your golden, indestructable stones, were being placed in my heart from the first moment I looked into your incredible crystal blue eyes, and held you next to my heart. Each stone describes an incredible, driven woman who has never allowed anyone or anything to block her path in her amazing journey through life.
    Although your path is about to make some exciting new twists and turns as you begin your new journey..never, ever forget what a perfectly golden stone you are laying. Love, Mom

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