Jam Saves the Day!

I was having SUCH a Monday. Super cloudy, the sky and my mood, the mind molasses and the body not cooperating (or maybe the mind was not cooperating and the body was molasses). By the time I got home, I missed my Yoga Class (maybe intentionally? I had a bad session Sunday evening and hated every minute of myself, the practice). My tummy rumbled and I dropped and broke my favorite cereal bowl…and realized I hadn’t folded laundry two days old and most of my clothes were wrinkled.  The pedicure I gave myself this weekend indeed proved subpar and as I stubbed my toe, noticing how flimsy my paint job flopped.

..and then, I noticed a package….ah! It was exactly what I needed. As part of Steph’s cahllenge, I recieved my jam! Lori sent me a jar of Strawverry Balsamic and a jar of Coco Banana (with out pectin??? I am asking her to reply to this post with the recipes!) She also included homemade granola, which I immediately ate almost a third of the bag, standing up while reading my mail with some peanut-butter milk. And guess what? I am collecting postcards from around the 50 states for my 101 list and writing an article on connection and community and DON’T HAVE CA yet! How AWESOME are you, Lori!jam

Jam truly saves the day! I had energy to got through three boxes in storage preparing for shipping my household goods in TWO WEEKS (do you know I am moving to Germany at the end of September???) it’s okay, then sucks, then is okay again???

Positivity isn’t that good thoughts zap the bad…it’s more like being RECEPTIVE to noticing the good things available, not pressuring yourself to manufacture them. Just Noticing…

sammie1Good thing I noticed my dying avocado and farsammie2mer’s cheese in the fridge. New Hummus added in the center, then into the pannini maker and savored SAMMIE heaven (with curled veggies in a mango-curry sauce on the side!) to the rescue. On the side? Jams, of course? Check out my Sirachi Jam!

I am writing up a post on how to eat economically while on the go (I’ll be “homeless” for a month!). If you have suggestions, email them to me.

And the ME MEAL and Cetaphil Giveaways are still going! Make sure to sign up by friday!


6 thoughts on “Jam Saves the Day!

  1. Great combo, avocado and hummus, I dig it! As for eating econically on the go, purchase in-season fresh produce! Such as, blueberries, bananas, cherry tomatoes, they are easily portable, and cheap 🙂

  2. Hi there, glad you found my blog – you’re right we do have a lot in common – I’m sad to say that PF is one of them!

    Sorry that yours is back…. reading about it just scared me into grabbing my ice pack and I’m icing my heels right now! Hope you feel better!

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