Weekend Round Up: Glue Guns and Veggie Spiralers

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Stop Counting! I keep telling myself that, which is a good thing because I don’t want to add up how many times I used my glue gun or ate spiraled vegetables this weekend.  I noticed this weekend how exhausted my physical body felt.  Saturday is my rest day (just walking!) and my body needed it, but my mind kept fighting it. Yet, even on Sunday, usually waking up ready to jog, my head hurt and my right foot was a bit painful (Plantar Facitis you stink). Seriously struggling with ALLOWING myself to REST this weekend. I feel like a “loser!”

But Paul Cope your fame is revered and I heart you World Cusine. Incense is lit in honor of your enlightened beings for elevating my weekend past my irritable mood and anxiety. 

give me that glue gunPaul Cope invented the glue gun for Proctor and Gamble (momentarily pardoned for their lack of environmental saviness….thank God for businesses like Laughing Girafee!).  Not only did  I manufacture another earring holder for a gift, I re-designed a a cheap, cheap lamp not once, but twice (wasn’t satisfied, I guess). I love OWLS, and thus, here is my rather kindergarten quality creation (reminder: blue christmas trees are still not acceptable if you’ve passed the 5th grade).

World Cuisine produces this vegetable spiraler that ins the past three daysSpiraler Addiction murdered cucumbers, carrots, parsnips, zucchini, a rutabaga, Jicima, an apple, and one hard banana (all males are permitted to cringe here). 

Tea, Oatmeal, Wheat/Spelt Flour, Sunflower Seeds, Dried Cranberries

Spicy Tea, Thick Oats, Wheat/Spelt Flour, Sunflower Seeds, Dried Orange Cranberries

Check out my K Cooks for the weekend here (Hummus Potstickers for my Poem and P Party) and here (Carrot Zuchinni Avocad0 Rose).

Ah! The communion of my weekend, redeeming my anxiety and sense of failure (um,my granola bread? Yep didn’t rise and when I tried to make homemade cracker cereal from it, which would have been divine, had I been engrossed in a game of search-the-crevices-of-the-dryer-for-that-purple-sock, and forgot to turn off the 450 degree oven) Before Their Cremation!

A close second: homemade americanos each morning, farmer’s market cheese and heirloom tomatoes, not losing socks in the laundry (a tough price to pay).  And yours?

Congrats to Ms. Diana! Email me so I can send you some Elevate Me Bars? Keep emailing in your ME MEAL photo recipes for the e-cookbook  (A ME Meal) and you can win a signed copy of Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant. Deadline is WEDNESDAY! Want a Clean, Fresh Face? Read this post on Allowing yourself, and post the link on your blog. Then email me and CC a friend about an experience this week where you ALLOWED yourself something. Cetaphil will give a product package to a random winner TOMORROW!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up: Glue Guns and Veggie Spiralers

  1. hahah, “search-the-crevices-of-the-dryer-for-that-purple-sock”. Sory ’bout those culinary debacles. I, myself, get plantar fasciitis like none other if I’m not careful. Do you know the tennis ball trick for it? The MacroLifes are bomb, thanks again. You got the mug, right? UPS tracker says it got delivered at least…

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