Power Allowance

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Phew! It is a miracle I didn’t self implode prior to discovering yoga two months ago. On Wednesday, I walk the block before 6 am and pant until the mat slaps down and I lay my armor down. In keeping with my weekly intention to ALLOW myself, the phen-o-menal teacher today guided the class to just notice what certain poses evoked in us…and I allowed myself to FEEL. Not think, but feel. And this morning, the word “Powerful” turbulently shook me. Never felt that before…the simultaneous fear and peacefulness of my own power. In many ways, when I allow myself to feel and be powerful, anxiety flows…the fear I’ll make others uncomfortable, or that I’ll make a big mistake.  How do I “make myself smaller” in attempt to placate others? How do you?

In the past few days, here is how I succeeded in allowing myself: YEAH! Got New Running Shoes my new ADIDAS and used them immediately (I have a huge tendency to try to exaggerate my pleasure my delaying gratification…I was the kid with Halloween candy portioned out until Easter)! Ah, these Supernova’s Rock! Eat That PF! I cooked dessert for myself BEFORE dinner: A blueberry cobbler. It was so yummy! I allowed myself to LOWER my expectations for my goals for the day.

How are you choosing health by ALLOWING yourself permission to….comment and/or email me!


7 thoughts on “Power Allowance

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  2. Hey Special K, I’m new to your blog before but I love it! We think along the same lines; I love the way you think deeper about the psychology of workouts, fitness, and goals.

    I’m going to think of my best “me meal” (I love cooking, so have a good one in mind) and enter! I’ve never heard of the book before, but recently I’ve seen one called “What We Eat When We’re Alone” by a great cookbook author. Add it to my list!

  3. Hey Matt, ALONE IN THE KITCHEN came out at least a year ahead of WHAT WE EAT and is much sweeter, funnier, and richer. Hope you win one –

  4. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. I bet you definitely could learn to hoop, if you wanted to. I learned at age 44!! It’s great fun, wonderful exercise, and very therapeutic. As a mom and wife, I don’t eat alone much and when I do it’s a simple thing…like a cup of yogurt. But I sure have ALLOWED myself….just bought myself a 1999 Jaguar XJ8…to fulfill a long standing dream of mine!!
    Peace, Stephanie

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