Allow Yourself

“I bet you think I shouldn’t be eating this.” The sides of her mouth rowing back and forth, I admire her glowing skin, “it’s not like I eat cake everyday, although you wouldn’t be able to tell that by looking at me.” She slaps her side and snorts, and my heart deflates a bit.

“You’re allowed,” I encourage. Which is funny, because in my head I didn’t hear the words, “but you’re not (referring to me) but I felt them nonetheless. I do not give myself permission to eat Twinkies. Wait! that’s not even their name…what are those chocolate cake things with cream fillings? HO-HOS? Doesn’t matter. I don’t know if I’d want them, they don’t LOOK good. I’d rather eat a sweet bagel, or cheesecake, or fresh strawberry pie. The point is, I haven’t had any of those in a long time either. Those are foods I am only allowed if there is an occasion meriting their consumption. A celebration. A reason to allow….

 Your size doesn’t matter whether or not you’re “allowed” or not. Or how much exercise you do, or how much money you did not spend at Target. Why are things “off limits” for me, but not others? Why do beg myself for permission? 

Who cares why (I’ve got some insight there…) let’s get to HOW to change it. No interruptions, no guilt for something I am not-good-enough at (if only I were more organized to never lose something, more patient to slam yoga, more fashionable to win friends and influence people)

 To BE My challenge this week is to “ALLOW  YOURSELF”

To: Do something “wasteful” (time, energy, money) To: Rest for “no reason”

To: Consume something because it is delightful rather than “beneficial” To: feel angry, tired, bored without having to “fix it”

To: Do less and be unproductive.  

There is nothing inherently wrong with me. I am allowed. Through out this week, a little theme will emerge in my posts. When I “allow” myself, I’ll let you know.

 “You’re allowed” For this Special K Challenge, what do you need to allow yourself to do? Research shows that if we share our goals, we are more likely to follow through with the behavior. Email me when you “allow yourself”, as well as trustful friend with a link to this post.

Cetaphil is going to send the winner of this Special K Challenge a selection of their products to enjoy. The Challenge ends when the next one starts!

 Speaking of Challenges….and the winners are: In the What Nourishes You Challenge: She scored 2 pounds of Amazing Meal, Original Flavor. In her Cravings report on Yoga, she inspired us, because:

I always feel better after I practice. I might start out feeling awful and just feel not quite so awful or I might start out feeling good and end up feeling great. My mind clears. My body relaxes. I get stronger both physically & mentally. I am more aware of my body. I notice which side is more flexible, which side is stronger, where I am holding tension and how good it feels to release the tension. Yoga completely fits with my overall goal in life of staying healthy and feeling good.

And, what meal is best savored solo?: Karena won a copy of Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant in the The Me Meal Initial Challenge: with

a bowl of instant mashed potatoes with corn (canned or frozen – whatever I have on hand), cheese and TONS of hot sauce.

But wait! You want your own copy (You read my Sirachi Jam and now crave this book!?) email me a recipe with a picture of a meal you love to savor solo and you’ll be entered to win your copy, too!

But Wait, there’s more….check out my Weekend RoundUP for a sample of Elevate Me Bars.

Any time you share these posts up on your blog and encourage others to participate in the challenge, you’ll get an extra entry, and you’re “allowed” to enter as many times as you like.

Be Well and Allow Yourself Something Delightful!


14 thoughts on “Allow Yourself

  1. I REALLY needed to hear and embrace this right now! Thank you for this challenge, and I am going to “allow” myself to participate, and to be proud of myself for doing so.

  2. Oh I love this “allow yourself” challenge, I’m totally up for it. I especially need to work on the “allow myself to be ok if I’m bored!”. I always get up to do something at the realization that I am bored. Come on Gina, relax!

  3. I allowed myself to stay out walking the trail with a friend. The chickens didn’t get out tonight nor did the dog, but I did. I guess I best allow myself out of the coop every now and again.

  4. I need to allow myself to not feel guilty when I’m not working. I have so many things on my plate right now that I feel like I’m wasting time whenever I pause to watch a movie, read a book, or chat with a friend. Yet I’m more productive when I take short breaks from work. So I’m challenging myself to take those breaks guilt-free!

  5. I feel so guilty when I do something that’s against the rules: take a bath in the middle of the day, or eat chocolate before noon. I feel like I’ve failed somehow. Thanks for this Post

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