Weekend Round UP

A little Weekend RoundUp…A common theme for these three days? Sirachi Jam! Check it out! Anytime I thought: will he call? A spoonful of this stuff made the medicine go down….

Elevate MEFriday: I found myself running around like a sailor during Fleet Week, with air fluting out of my ears stuck three different times in traffic jams. Lucky for me, I received my order of Elevate ME bars and stocked a few in my glove compartment. Stuck behind Elevate Me a regurgitating bug, I snapped my treat. Salvation! A little bit of natural sugar and whey protein in my system makes K a friendlier navigator. A family business produces these babies that taste like fruity fudge, with each bar separated into three portions for easy portion control, and contain 16 g of protein and 6 grams of fiber for around 200 calories. Seriously, the cocoa flavors truly elevate my expectation for bars. Super yummy! (Want one? Subscribe or get a friend to receive updates and you’ll be entered for a sample!) If you buy a variety box, it will be the best bulk bar buy you’ve made all year.  After munching, my mood cleared and I researched new laptops so long I skipped my daily run. No worries, I did a little foot-action later that evening learning how to Tango…or how to move around in a circle without falling. Some people poop out after a mile jog, and me? I lasted 15 minutes of attempting to mimic sexy sidesteps until I suckered out for sweats and syrah.

Saturday:  Had a not-so wonderful 2 mile job before “letting go” (not “giving up” and listening to my legs and walking the way back home. Who's The Skipper and Who's The Captain (or the General??)Although my ego pruned up,  it was eased a bit by the news story of the fired nurse who kept peeing in a coffee cup rather than walking up a flight of stairs to a restroom (can you guess the gender???). Jack and I celebrated his “almost-90” B-day by taking a ferry to Vashon Island. The motto of the day was “I’m with you, Skipper” which we exchanged about 50 times. The highlight of my day, the farmer’s market, of course!

Check out those SQUASH blossoms!

Check out those SQUASH blossoms!

I finished the evening by relishing the last chapter of Amy & Isabelle (a somewhat slow moving book with incredible insight into mother/daughter relationships and feeling alive, wanted, known) with a glass of Syrah and Truffle Goat Cheese, french bread and a salad (I am crazed about flavored sea salts right now…tried porcini mushroom this past week!)

Sunday: Woke up with an urge for some sunflower seed butter…but my jar contained a teaspoon! The TJs near me was out, so I whipped some up of my own. A little maple syrup in it made it very sweet…I kept licking it up from my fingers. So yummy on Gluten Free Bob’s Mill Hot Cereal.

Magic Bullet Sunny Butter

Magic Bullet Sunny Butter

Punched (okay, sometimes peetered) out a 5 mile run and came home to blog…but a blending bug seriously hit me. I blended up coffee/chocolate fudge pudding desserts (half Dannon Coffee Yogurt, Half Sugar Free Home-made Chocolate Fudge. Then a homemade hummus with TJ’s bean salad mix, seasame seeds, and a splash of lemon and olive oil.

Sunday I meander, and such laziness ended up with a total score at Trader Joes! The minute I was home, I finally noshed on a Corn Doggie (and yummy!)…and was super proud of my cute new bag ($2!).

Some Oldies, Some Newbies, All Yummies!

Some Oldies, Some Newbies, All Yummies!

A $2 bag., goat cheese, Skippering, and Sirachi Jam…my highlights. What were yours?

I wanted to remind you all: If you want to be in the ME Meal Challenge, make sure to email me (specialktreatment gmail) your recipe and (for a double entry) post it up on your blog with a link. (I am making a free e-book with them all in it!) The Amazing Meal Challenge ends on tommorrow PM! (But a new cool giveaway will be announced!)


8 thoughts on “Weekend Round UP

  1. I’m a fan of trader joe’s greek yogurt. It tastes the same as every other brand, but is about 2 dollars cheaper!

    The farmer’s market looks great, sch fresh produce. I’m not sure who Jack is, but happy birthday Jack!

    HAve a great day.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my site AND for the sweet comments you left! Love your site as well. Where in the Pacific Northwest are you? I’m in Portland.

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