Love at First Bite?

Before we get to the chewy center, I wanted to remind you all: If you want to be in the ME Meal Challenge, make sure to email me your recipe and (for a double entry) post it up on your blog with a link. (I am making a free e-book with them all in it!) Both this challenge and the Amazing Meal Challenge end on Monday AM.

Okay…so you wanted to know:

Task #26: go on a blind date

People go to casinos for the same reason they go on blind dates – hoping to hit the jackpot. But mostly, you just wind up broke or alone in a bar.

Carrie Bradshaw

Really? When mentioned that this was on my list, it seemed like most people thought upon it as if a root canal. A BFF from long ago suggested this task because I explained I thought all first dates were really “blind,” and I somewhat don’t like that sense of “I am playing you.” So, yep, Corny, but Cute! I am not a dater.  I let it slip out on my blind date that, in fact, I am terrible at chit-chat. To which he cleverly responded that such conversations are the foundation for the bigger stuff, the things that matter.

That was right before our ode to Sirachi sauce, which I might have gotten heavy handed with, but seriously, I was twitter pated with my concoction in making Sirachi Jam the night before (post on that later). A date that will

 name all the weird things he slathers the reddy sugar spice on (eggs, taters, ice cream?) has potential with this gal. 

So, my first date I didn’t end up broke, or alone in a bar. That’s how I define success, I guess (even though I am not an Sex and the City fan, she does have some pretty clever quotes). And I consider myself to have already hit the jackpot, because my life really is rich, rich, rich, and any romance on top of such richness is a smattering of whip cream on my plate full of cheesecake drenched in sirachi sauce.

I left my number saying that if he’d like to share the jam, he better follow up sooner rather than later…it was love at first bite. It had me at Sirachi.


10 thoughts on “Love at First Bite?

  1. I feel the same way about speed dating–I think it’s a grand time, but many people look at me as if I just said I like to swish lemon juice on my canker sores.

  2. I HATE blind dating. But I do know a few people where it has worked. You always have those “stories” almost like fairy tales, are they urban legends? I mean the ones about meeting your husband of 50 years at a wedding, or as a set up, or in kindergarten.
    The advice that you might find a guy by going to the dog park, or to a dance class, or a pub…well, you might. But that shouldn’t be the reason you are going to those places.
    He’ll call by sunday

  3. I can see you concocting something like Sirachi perfume in a day where you are bored with yourself…alluring? mysterious? or just plain, spicy?

  4. Kryssy I have to admit that you have a way with words, a bizarre yet funny way, that can at times make me laugh or wonder what in the hell are you talking about. Guess the blind date went well. Have a good week. Love ya. I’m going to be seventeen tomorrow, yawn!

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