Not for the sake of Winning

and not for the sake of winning

but for sheer delight and gratitude

believe us, they say,

it is a serious thing

just to be alive,

on this fresh morning

in this broken world.

-Mary Oliver

Yesterday, 6am Yoga “farts” (the thoughts that burst forth randomly) included:

1) this is not really a workout

2) i am an idiot for not charging my phone

3) will it (a session with a patient) go okay?

4) tree stinks

5) this is a hard workout!

Somehow, my restless mind made the practice extremely challenging. Even when setting my intention with the lines above before beginning, I attempted to “win” at Yoga. I felt the urge to beat and surpass myself.

What I hunger for sometimes is rest from this self-competition. And just respect the serious business of this “just to be alive” thing.

So, that’s what I attempted to do the rest of the day. For Sheer Delight: Some successes (Want to hear about my blind date? Gotta wait until tomorrow! ) and some failures.

Don’t forget to check out the two challenges! Remember, each comment/link is an entry. And the winner of the ME MEAL giveaway will get one book to give away to someone else in addition to his/her own!


10 thoughts on “Not for the sake of Winning

  1. during revolved half moon yesterday, all i could think about is… my feet have definitely gotten wider! has this happened to anyone else? my toes have so much more control since practicing yoga consistently and i swear my feet are much wider as well.

  2. Oh I can’t wait to hear about the blind date!

    I don’t know why you can’t view my blog, that is very strange. I wonder if others have that problem? Have you EVER seen it, or does it never let you see it? Very strange.

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