K Cravings: Why I Swim, a guest post!

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I confess: I loathe the thought of swimming, accident prone with water with two major near-drownings (at age 4 and 19). Getting in the water continues to frighten me…the water surely overpowers a mere human being. And I feel limited because of it…one day, I will swim without fear. Just not today.

So I guess that’s why this Sophia’s post got to me…there are some things that inspired me, which I bolded…when we share our passions, it fuels me. When you comment, I am bigger, fuller, nourished! So thank you for sharing!

I used to hate all forms of exercise. Ask me to run, and I’ll pant like a wheezing cow all the way in less than 5 minutes. Ask me to go on a walk, and I’ll walk away in the other direction. And I hated any sports that had to do with a ball. But the one exercise that I really enjoyed was swimming. Growing up in the hot tropical weather in Singapore, it’s almost mandatory that you know how to swim. There is no other forms of activities as appropriate as swimming when you’re hot and sweaty all 365 days of the year!

But the coolness of the water aside, what I loved most about swimming was that I felt like I was in a whole new world, the underwater world. It’s like I’m in a dream, except I’m wide awake. I am weightless, floating, and my movements are slowed and smooth. When I keep my eyes open in the waters, everything is tinted, and when I gaze up, I can see the gentle swirls of the waters, and the outside world is blurred and somehow, more beautiful and comforting.

When I dunk into the blue waters, my imagination runs wild. I can pretend I’m a supple-toned dolphin, or a beautiful mermaid princess. I feel like I am in a different body, and I love the way I can just totally relax in the waters, letting the gentle waves within the waters push me along. I am no longer just my body, I feel like I am one with the waters. And when I reach out into the nothingness and pull, I love that feeling of me gliding forward, and the strain of my muscles throughout the entire body. I feel strong, I feel relaxed, I feel powerful, I feel…magical.

That’s just it. Swimming makes me feel so alive and free because of the real magic it provides, and there seems to be no limit to my imagination underwater. Man, I’m seriously craving a good swim right now.


9 thoughts on “K Cravings: Why I Swim, a guest post!

  1. I just realized my passion for swimming while on vacation in Florida. I grew up in Ohio, where I could only swim in the winter, but being at the pool this summer has helped me realize how much I LOVE swimming. I get shin splints and sore ankles really easily, so swimming is the perfect “non-stress” exercise. I love it!

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  3. I crave biking. I love it! Swimming not so much. Paddling around in the water is fun, but when I did my triathlon – I did not enjoy the swim. The biking was glorious, though!

  4. I love to swim too, especially in lakes. We used to go camping every year, and I used to swim for about an hour a day in a mountain lake that was surrounded by trees. It was an amazing experience… Now an outdoor pool has to do.

  5. not a swimmer because it’s just such a process… changing, the COLDNESS, then drying off, showering, bringing new clothes, and washing my swimsuit. Plus, the drive to the pool. The drive back. Carrying a bag to put all my swimming stuff… it seems so complicated!

    my favorite exercise is biking 🙂

  6. I don’t know how to swim (no joke) but this is an excellent post. When Sophia said something about beinge a dolphin, all I could think of was ‘Dr. Franklin’s Island’

  7. ITA with those who love swimming! I’m definitely not the fastest or strongest swimmer, so it’s more about the experience than the exercise for me, but I LOVE the aquatic environment–the weightlessness, the immersion, the contrast in below- and above-surface temperatures, the various sensations of waves and currents intersecting with your body at strange angles that surprise you anew after you’ve been away from the water for a long time. Despite the fact that I also got a few powerful reminders that the water is not to be trifled with, some of my best childhood memories took place in the ocean, a lake, or a pool. There definitely IS something magical about it, an opportunity to enter the only alien environment we can experience here on earth.

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