Special K ME Meals

It’s been said that cooking a meal for one is one of the most difficult challenges a chef encounters.  They cite measuring obstacles, portion doubts, paring problems and presentation apathy.

I think the challenge is almost 100% psychological. We think of eating alone as a sad experience, although research has shown otherwise. I’ve wrote about how I believe eating, inherently social, fuels my spirit because I feel known and connected.  Yet, in the past few weeks, my current craving involves a great book of essays about eating alone.  I am inspired to consider how solo meal preparation and pleasure has the potential to truly nourish the most deprived parts of myself.  eggplant

A few times a year, I’ll slurp down Oriental style Ramen Noodles, something my mom made for me when I was sick growing up and I’d never share with some one else. You may say “gross!” and if so, kindly keep your judgement to yourself. I don’t want you to see me during the inhalation of fried dough strands and salt.

What do you eat when you eat alone?Some people crave something that is a snap to prepare (a bowl of cereal, a PBJ), others long for something loved that others don’t have a passion for (brussel sprouts), or salivate over something “forbidden” (cookies from prepared dough, Kraft Mac N Cheese) and still others hunger for….others to help them figure out what to eat. They don’t know.

The challenge is to prepare a meal for just you. It could be take out set out on china plates. It could be noodles “with grape jelly.” It could be something you have never tried, or something that you remember from your childhood. Make an effort to prepare and eat the meal without distraction: no reading, no music, no internet, no tv…just the best company of your life: you. End the meal with a toast to honor it.

If you accept this Special K Challenge, you might be awarded a signed copy of this cook book! Just comment here saying what you would eat alone (entry option #1) and/or send me the recipe (entry option #2) and/or then actually make the meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and post on your site with a link  back here (entry option #3) by NEXT MONDAY, the 3rd. I’ll pick three recipes to post up on Tuesday and have veiwers vote on.

Your meal be special, or it may not be…but it will be YOURS.

If you’d like to see my ME meal, check out my Hummus Habernero Burgers I concoted last night.

Happy ME mealing!

31 thoughts on “Special K ME Meals

  1. OOOOH I love fun challenges!

    my ME meals are never alone, just meals I made for just ME to eat… maybe the men don’t want RAW or VEGGIE something…Often I am a short order cook!

    What do I make just for ME???? it’s def a mood thing so I will need to think on it!

    so fun!

  2. Oh I’m gonna rock at this challenge because I cook meals for myself all the time! I always eat alone (about 80 percent of the time), an dI enjoy it. I like healthy foods, that are hot. I do a lot of wraps and burritos, and sandwich melts!

  3. i ❤ cooking for myself! no worrying about how someone else will perceive it! my favorite thing to cook is lemon chicken paired with summer squash and zucchini with a tall glass of milk and a thick english muffin. i think i just found dinner for tmrw 🙂

  4. i usually make scrambled eggs, or chili beans, or simmered tofu in soy sauce. with a side of steamed cabbage and kabocha nimono. (cut up kabocha, simmer in broth of dashi, soy, mirin, salt, adn sugar until syrupy delish.)

  5. I’ve actually been looking for that book! A meal by myself usually include edamame, some veggies and some toasts with coconut oil. Well that’s what it’s been lately. Or sometimes I’ll crave breakfast food not during breakfast and I’ll just have that. Although I rarely feel like I’m eating along because I have roommates and whatever I prepare is out there for everyone to see haha. I cook for myself often, but I usually don’t like leftovers so I just eyeball it.

    My standby oatmeal/cereal combo is (lately Kashi GoLean Crunch) + soymilk + banana + cinnamon + coconut oil. OH! And a spoonful of PB or AB.

    Now SNACKING by myself I seem to forget my manners and just stick carrots in jars of peanut butter, or try a bit of this or that and I get a lot of, “I wonder how this would taste if I mixed them?”


  6. I make all of my meals for myself everyday. Sometimes alone, other times I am not. I love solitude and I derive a lot of internal energy from independence of thought and action. Whenever I prep meals solo I make whatever my heart desires at that moment (with the limitation of ingredients on hand of course)
    *Side note: Arrowroot powder acts like corn starch I suppose, tasteless and more easilyy digested than other thickening agents. I get Bob’s Red Mill kind right….here http://www.bobsredmill.com/product.php?productid=3586&cat=0&page=1

  7. Ha! I haven’t cooked in years. Well ok, PBJ sandwiches or canned goods :O

    Ok then, you asked for it. Option#1 for me (posting the results of my concoction here right?)

    Just no laughing at my secret single person mixer 😉

  8. Oh my goodness, it’s like you read my mind hahaa. I was in the middle of writing a post at work (to be posted when I finally get home this evening :\) when I saw your comment! I mentioned my guilty pleasure: a bowl of instant mashed potatoes with corn (canned or frozen – whatever I have on hand), cheese and TONS of hot sauce. I’ve been known to make this when Jamie’s not around for dinner and I LOVE IT. haha.

  9. My ME meal would be an awesome dish full of pasta and veggies and chunks of chicken…and topped off with some dressing that I have on hand and sounds good… watch for it on my blog! P.S I eat most of my meals alone… living in a college apt, and all my roommates on different schedules, it kinda sets you up for that! So does that check off entry 1 & 2? (: Thanks girl! I could use a cookbook like that!

  10. I think my me meal would be either a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a nice big bowl of oats. I eat them all the time yes- but they are my favorite meals that I eat alone and enjoy!

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  12. I definitely take this challenge!
    My meal is Fresh salad made of lettuce, spinach, red peppers, cilantro, baby greens, cayenne, and lemon juice. And other part of the meal consists of roasted kabocha + cinnamon + cayenne.


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  14. I just added you to my blogroll and it looks like I missed the deadline. Thanks for checking me out! I’m a single gal so ALL my meal are all about me and I love it! Being creative and not having to worry about what others think of my creations!

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  18. Making my “me” meals special (or at least not hopelessly mundane) is something I struggle with. My old T made a rule that dinners had to be hot, so I couldn’t just eat cold leftovers out of the fridge.

    But one of my favorite meals is these black bean veggie burgers I make, served over brown rice and some peas and cheese melted on top. Or homemade mac and cheese with some bacon and sun-dried tomatoes.

  19. My ‘me’ meals are usually one of the following recipes…

    Black bean burgers with jalapeno cheese – recently discovered these and am perfecting them! My husband wasn’t too keen so I save it for when he is out and enjoy every delicious mouthful!


    The beans are so easy to keep in the fridge to be used another day.. ooh maybe a black bean, mango and avocado salsa!

    My other ‘me’ meal is scrambled eggs with lots of grated cheddar and spinach on whole wheat toast!



  20. What a great idea! Since my fiancee has had night classes and work, I’ve been eating a few meals alone lately 🙂 Most of the time I’ll make a big meal to save for us to pick at at our leisure if we can’t eat together, but sometimes I love just having a big bowl of greek yogurt topped with cereal and berries for dinner! It’s not really a ‘recipe’ per say, but I’ll send you the info 🙂

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