Weekend Round Up


Friday Highlights: Ate a lot of Brownie Biscotti! I guess I must have been feeling down, because all afternoon long, I was criticizing my ugly toes. So I scurried over to The Pedicure Room, where Ms. Julie pampered my tootsies. This place didn’t necessarily emit a ‘heavenly’ setting (the noise of the traffic outside and lack of burning candles dampered the mood a bit) Julie more than compensated with the treatment. No yucky whirly machines here…the feet soaked in a gorgeous copper bin with all organic, HOMEMADE ingredients. The touch here is all personal…she even picked a chipper color for me.CIMG0674

 I needed some more TLC I guess because after getting home late, I whipped up a shredded chickpea, zucchini and corn salad and served it up with a smooth Carmenyre and a small personal “pizza” of lavender and anise goat cheese and grilled figs. Delicious, but not the blues buster I craved….

Saturday: This was one of those days that absolutely sucked in like a black hole. I engaged in activities that usually fueled me: a nice nature hike with friend, browsing through the library, walking through a community street fair, reading, eating freshly spun mozzarella, and meeting friends for coffee. None of it worked to elevate my mood. Things lacked flavor, and I was irritated at my snarky version of myself. Have days like that? CIMG0687-1

Sunday: AH! I woke up in a better place with myself. No need to try and figure out “why” Sat puckered like pimpled lemon, just moved ahead with the day. First, I finished a cool project of taking a $2 frame nabbed from Good Will and creating a  new earring holder by taking out the back and stapling on a portion from a discarded window screen. Cool, huh? I can craft you up one in exchange for some PB2!

CIMG0695Then, a trip to a second hand store boosted even more: Scored this fab-o jacket and leather blue purse for $12 total! Wow!

After a spontaneous jog along a waterfronkpark, I re-refueled. Seriously, I am crazed about Laughing Giraffe Granola….I mixed it up today with a new combo CIMG0655of Pom-Tea and Soy Milk…Seriously Yummy. I promise a Granola Giveaway soon, but keep your EYES open for CIMG0693-1a fun Special K challenge coming tomorrow.


And if you haven’t shared YOUR cravings, and enter the Amazing Meal Giveaway, check it out. Every time you link back or post a Craving, you get another entry.  


Right now, as you read this, may you be well, and TRUST yourself



14 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up

  1. I use that same soymilk! Isn’t it great? I mean it tastes delicious AND it’s the cheapest soymilk I’ve found, you can’t beat it.

    The toes looks LOVELY!

  2. Oh yes, I have my share of less than good days… I’m glad Sunday was better. The blue purse is great! And what a great price! I guess some successful shopping usually lifts my spirits… 😉

    Have a great week!

  3. I am glad you just kept moving foward and didn’t dwell to much on WHY! sometimes days are just like that… no sense wasting more energy on focusing on the negative!

    but you had such a fabulous weekend! fairs and shopping and pedicure! good for you!
    Hope your week is great!

  4. i definitely have days when my mood is just low for no apparent reason. it happens to the best of us! at least you had luck at the second hand store! one of my favorite vests i got for a dollar at the salvation army.

    can’t wait to hear about your challenge tomorrow! 🙂


  5. Your brownies look awesome! Ed was totally messing with me today and I was really anxious too and so I baked as well! Check out my blog for pictures of it all soon! 🙂
    PS my craves for your contest are: Cottage Cheese with Apple Butter and Honey Bunch of Oats Cereal. Two things I could have in the Am for b-fast for a year straight! hehe I know I am such a weirdo!!

  6. I see that you are a power-shopper lol.

    I think everyone should pamper themselves (at least once in a while) and one of the ways I do it for myself is travel. I don’t mean that the traveling is the pampering, I mean what I do when I get there.

    I’m going back to Thailand this October and one of the great things they have there is foot massages. Oh my God, you just lay back in the chair drinking green tea while a woman does this deep, yet relaxing, massage all over your feet (one at a time of course :))

    By the time she’s done, you feel like you’re walking on air 🙂

    p.s. I take back my compliment about you being pretty. Looking at your power-shopping picture, you’re gorgeous!

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