K Cravings: What Nourishes YOU?

Almost every morning, the moment I acknowledge my “awakeness,”  I feel a sense of possibility. That the day can unfold in an unknown direction, and that I can hopefully steer it into the light, but that ultimately, I must lean into the mystery of it…no, not it, me. Seriously, I am THAT much of a morning person.

Under my K Cravings, I list things that nourish me. In this light, these things are my “food”. They fuel me, energize me, give me a sense of fulfillment, that I matter, am known and belong. Some are social, some are solitary, a few unique to me and others that have a multitude of pilgrims.  

Nourish. Say the word out loud. There is a fullness to it that beckons your bedazzled head to rest, and your freckled arms to open wide to receive. All your sharp edges embraced, and you contain all the energy you require to  GROW.

Nourish. Think FURNISHED. Imagine FUELED. Feel SUSTAINED.

Special K wants to know: What nourishes you? I’ve listed mine as K Craves, because cravings (often seen as needing to be “tamed”) really are messages from our essential selves.What Nourishes YOU!

My dream would be to host everyone for a NOURISHMENT Potluck to have this discussion, and despite this impossibility, I’d like to nourish you anyway. Since I am on the GREEN MONSTER bandwagon, for this Special K Challenge and giveaway, a 2 POUND Amazing Meal Original Powder and Shaker will lovingly fuel you. There are a few ways to enter before Monday, August 3rd, when I’ll announce the winner. You can do all of them for multiple chances.  

1) Subscribe to receive Special K updates by email and leave a comment here.

2) If you share one of my Cravings, leave a comment there on that page (Run, Yoga, Write, Eat/Drink).

3) If you have a Craving of your own, leave a comment on the main K’s Craving page.

4) On your blog, write Special K wants to know what nourishes me, and share your craving!

Thank you for sharing with me and honoring our cravings!


21 thoughts on “K Cravings: What Nourishes YOU?

  1. I might start a post about my cravings and what nourishes me, but just off the top of my head:
    NPR (particularly “Morning Edition” and “Wait wait don’t tell me!)
    Mexican food
    Walks with my pups

  2. HI
    I share quite a few of your cravings and a few of my own I commented about there, and I think I might put up a “Special K wants to know” could be fun!!!


  3. I subscribed! I absolutely LOVE your passion for all things health-related! I’m so glad you’re having this contest, too! I adore Amazing Grass products and am crazy for my raw juices and smoothies. I’d gobble up every single smidgen of that 2 pounds of Amazing Meal if I win!

    (I also left my cravings on your craving page. Hope I entered it correctly!) 🙂

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  6. Writing, reading, listening to music, watching movies that make me look at the world differently, learning as much as possible, hiking, spending time with my friends and my hug-able cat…

  7. Every morning for breakfast I crave my breakfast smoothie…organic oatmeal(magic bulleted into powder), some protein, rice milk, and whatever fruit is in season. This morning I’ll have fresh picked blueberries and strawberries…mmmm, can’t wait!

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  9. 🙂 I actually didn’t do the layouts for the photos (I snagged them from the website), but it’s a really simple concept that I can create for you! (I’m a marketing/graphic designer guru for a company.. on accident due to my Photoshop skills!) Let me know – I would love to help you out. 🙂

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