Weekend Roundup

I adhere to the philosophy that the weekend begins Friday morning. I never miss out on an energizing yoga class at 6 am that simply connects me to a sense of revolving gratitude.  The highlights of the weekend:CIMG0593

Friday: Once branded with the title of potluck princess, part of my 101 list is throwing 6 themed potlucks. Last month, it was a sock and salad swap. this month, Eats and Earrings Exchange, held over lunch at work. It’s a fun away to laugh at work and score some style that you wouldn’t otherwise try out for yourself. I CIMG0597mixed up a salad of roasted pearl barley, edamame, bananas, avocado in a peanut-miso dressing. Most of the earrings were homemade!


Check out the goodies after we unwrapped our surprises! And score one for K! These are awesome!CIMG0613

SAT: Met my buddy before 6 and drove up to MT Rainier to hike (Task # 56!). The trail, more like a easy walk less than 3 miles with no elevation climb, sparkled in the summer morning, winding its way through two lakes. check out the reflection on that bad boy.


Yep: I took this picture! Bench Lake, Mt Rainier

After the hike, I picked up J. for lunch. He remininsced about eating CIMG0631caviar in Germany, so I found a wine and caviar shop closeby. This golden rod Sevruga caviar, $20 for one ounce, comes from Wyoming (BUY LOCAL!). It is NOT crunchy CIMG0629and has a mild sweet flavor. I don’t remember ever eating this stuff, but it wasn’t at all what I expected. Of course, the experience enhanced the flavor, and the wine tasting boosted it as well! (he opened up 14 hands Sangiovese Rose for me, although I prefer the Cab.)

SUNDAY: My friend dropped out Oat Groats last night for me to soak. As we CIMG0584speak, the blended concoction is fermenting in my little “yougurt” maker. Details about the product later (maybe oat groat crackers?). After a spontaneous spin on the my friend’s killer bmw bike to a farmer’s market, I whipped up some BB-Mac Schmear. I had soaked macadamia nuts to make milk for cereal or oatmeal, so I used those blended uCIMG0588p (about .25 cup) with a can of black beans, some coconut milk, a dash of red pepper powder, and two garlic cloves. Some Magic Bullet Action and BRAVO! This The “pate” is sweet and earthy. Served up right away in a wrap with cheddar cheese…later, I used them to create Eggplant and Chayote Stackers: Layered with the schmear, goat cheese, basil and roasted at 425 for 30 minutes.

And to cap the weekend off? Yoga, of course!

 EXCITING annoucement tomorrow afternoon! Don’t miss it!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup

  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. The whole “pate” thing sounds gross to me lol, but to each their own. BTW I hope you are getting paid for all the subtle little mentions of the Magic Bullet. Have a good week. Love you.

  2. I like the Eats and Earrings Exchange–that is awesome!

    Also, the hike sounds amazing! Can’t really do that here in the flat/swamp lands!

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