Hair-o-ing New Look

I am a foreign country to myself. And we’re not talking Germany, where “Zo-mer” is Summer. Think Yemen. Where you can’t stop staring at the new terrain, dried “maybe-those-are-fishys?” handing on poles, people with cans in their ear lobes. I walk by anything with a reflection in it and jump back a bit when I see myself. Can this be me? And the reaction of others who see me, they step back too. Saying, “you look….” and they struggle for a description. Some say, “you look like a flapper” (the cynical co-worker) “you look like you are French” (the cute barista) “you look sassy-ier” (the nurse with awesome highlights).

The thing is, I look different. Way Different. Task #38 Donate Hair to Locks of Love turned into a HUGE new look for me.

Part of my TRUST yourself challenge this week is listening to my inner voice, saying “Go for IT!” and boy, it WENT. The awesome Erin over at Angelo Mendi   not only gave me one heck of a head massage (“who needs Vicodin with services like this!”) but generously shaped my new do for free.  Super Classy. Seriously, there were moments as the locks fell around like autumn leaves that I felt myself traveling across time zones.CIMG0548

And Tah Dah!

Here is not the “NEW ME” but the OLD ME with a NEW LOOK that today,The finished look

is just different…which is always initially uncomfortable, right?

Funniest Reaction so Far: ‘Maybe now you won’t have to auction off your car to get a husband like the 38 year old in Utah”

My response: “I’m only 30, right now I am giving away Snack Taxis. They just seem sexier.”

What NEW LOOK do you want or need in your life?


23 thoughts on “Hair-o-ing New Look

  1. oh my god, chopping off the ponytail! congratulations on doing it. you’re so brave! and you should feel really good about donating to locks of love. as for me, i don’t know if i want a new look right now. i think i’m currently content. haha. but different can be fun sometimes, so i’m proud of you, girl!


  2. I LOVE THE HAIR!!!! Totally awesome!! it suits you! Ill be honest, I love it shorter, its fresh, sassy and sophisticated all at the same time on you!! 😀

  3. I love it! I recently went with a much shorter bob myself and I have never gotten so many compliments on a new style. I think you look younger, happier, sassier, and chic.

  4. California blonde and millions dollar smile!
    Plus, donating to “locks of love”
    You look lovely! Should be a good week-end!

  5. OHHHH …WOW…I love the new look!! You look like a million bucks, baby! I love the style, and the golden blonde is really you!

  6. Kryssy, your hair looks good. I think the change makes you look so much better. Not to say you looked bad before, but as the wise Sheryl Crow once sang, “…a change would do you good…” LOVE YA.

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