Living Trust

And once she realized happily ever after had been there waiting for her all along, the caterpillar pushed out of the darkness and discovered her own wings, frail and wet and too fragile yet to fly…and she rested in waiting for them to dry.

I need a living trust this week. Yesterday, there were many moments of doubt, from what I should send my friend for his birthday, to if I should go to yoga although I had completed a 5 mile run. And yet, there were moments when I trusted my desires: calling a friend when feeling depleted mid-day, lying in child’s pose when exhausted.

Yesterday, I wrote about TRUST YOURSELF. So here is the challenge. It’s a two-parter: Comment here about one thing you’ve done where you trusted yourself. It could be that you ate ice cream when craving it, or when you left that first date after 15 minutes of nose picking.  We all need reminders to TRUST ourselves more, because….we are stronger than we know. Part 2: Support a friend by taking a picture of you and/or a sign/image that says TRUST yourself and send it to her either electronically or through the mail. If you blog, put the challenge up on your website with a link back here…

As an incentive to TRUST, another groovey giveaway. Cute, Sustainable Snack Bag!The folks over at SNACK TAXI! Are giving away a cute set to a random winner who completes the challenge. They are one of my current K CRAZES (check those out and comment on there!) You would get a snack AND a sandwhich sized baggie…these critters can be thrown in the wash and re-used over and over. WHOS IN???

ANNOUNCING the Winner of the SuperFOOD RAW BAR GIVEAWAY: #27, Maria at Hearts Whole Foods! Email me and I’ll send you the bars for you to review soon. Yum-O!

Tonight is LOCKS of LOVE! Pics will follow tomorrow!

26 thoughts on “Living Trust

  1. this is such a beautiful and empowering challenge! I think it is so important for all of us to learn to trust ourselves and our bodies :)! I definitely plan on working on this .. thanks so much and i’ll be sure to spread awarenes :)!

  2. I think we all need to do a better job of trusting ourselves! Sometimes, life gets so busy and you can easily forget to take care of yourself mentally and spiritually. I know that every now and then I have to trust myself that I need to step back, breathe and take a break!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a coincidence that we were both thinking about listening to ourselves 🙂

    One example of a time I TRUSTED myself was last weekend, when I went in for a total body conditioning class at the NYSC. Now, let me tell you, the instructor was this very unfit looking male who just yelled and told us what to do without doing ANY of the moves himself! He was way too intense, rarely gave breaks or pauses between sets, and even though you are really not supposed to leave those classes early, I just WALKED OUT. I was not going to injure my body by listening to someone who was clearly uneducated on fitness. I am really glad I listened to my body screaming at me in that class because I know I was going to just end up hurting myself!

    I also love your trust yourself picture idea, and I will be sending one of my friends one once I take a picture! I’ll link back to your blog later too 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comment! Good luck with lock of love! AHH scary, but so fun and great of you!

    One big moment of trusting myself, was when I stopped counting and just started listening… Haven’t quite mastered the listening part, but counting was a big deal!

    I’ll try to remember to do the picture thing soon!

  5. Great idea to enforce the idea of trusting ourselves!

    I am never sorry when I do something as small as text message a friend first to make plans for the evening. Sometimes other people are in the same position as I am–fear of initiation. So being the brave one to reach out first can be so empowering and confidence-building.

  6. What a great idea! I love it!

    One thing I have been trying to do daily is trust myself. It has been a big thing for me the past month… trusting my body to let me know when it is hungry and what it wants but to give it the healthiest options possible. This message will be sent to my best friend! She is pregnant, and definitely could benefit from this advice 🙂

    Those snack taxis are adorable! I love the birds of norway design. I am needing things like this to take to work instead of ugly tupperware!
    I’ll definitely link your challenge at my blog 🙂

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  8. It’s funny you mention locks for love because that is a thing I thought about for so many years and finally I had to TRUST myself and just go do it!! And I”m so glad that I did 🙂 I’m going to send an email to a friend right now 🙂

  9. Great post! 🙂

    One thing I did recently that involved trusting myself was hiking Mt. Washington! It’s the tallest mountain in the northeast and I told myself for days there was no way I was going to be able to climb all the way to the summit – especially since I hadn’t climbed anything of that caliber before! But alas, I climbed it – made it to the top without complaining ONCE – and decided from that moment on I really can do anything. 🙂

    I’ll be passing this along to my best friend!

    • Ah….reaching a Summit, and all those “you’re not gonna make it” thoughts…you are stronger than you know. And now, next time, you know you CAN do it, which doesn’t always mean you SHOULD. Go Girl!

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  11. Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway!!! Totally made my day 😉

    Amazing post! Usually I can never trust myself to make the right decisions. But, I’ve been listening to my aching back–no more hard core exercises for me!

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  13. I have not had any peace about finding a different position at my workplace until now. I was talking to someone at work and we ended up talking about her unit and that her dream job elsewhere had just opened. A few days later I emailed the manager and she said she would love to have me! Now I am excited for change whereas before I was scared. I am glad I trusted myself for the right time to move into a new opportunity.

  14. not very long ago, a girl stole a lot of money from my mom. we didn’t know if it was definitely her who took it, but i knew in my gut that it was. so we confronted the situation, even though we couldn’t flat-out accuse her, and it turned out that she DID take the money. because i trusted myself and convinced my mom to do something about the situation, she got her money back! i will link back to this challenge in my post later today. 🙂


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  16. I’ve learned to trust myself and give myself rest days! For a while I was feeling guilty about taking a day off of exercise but now I realize how important they are.. if I don’t rest I may become injured and have to take a very very long rest period!

  17. Probably the most life-changing opportunity I’ve had to trust myself came when I decided to start my own business. It’s still a fledgling business, and I know a lot of people think I would find it easier to go back to the nine-to-five thing. But “easier” isn’t what I want to do with my life, so I have to trust that the hard work and passion I’m investing right now will pay off later.

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