Trust Yourself

Once upon a time, there was a colleague who started an Atkins diet on Sunday, by Monday at mid-day, she snarled, “I would kill for wonder bread.” In the same village, a new mother took her child to see the doctor regarding a cough, and was told to go home and get some sleep. Three days later, the diagnosis of pneumonia was confirmed. And don’t forget the good girl who provided explanations for her boyfriend’s tardiness and negative comments for years on end. 

Why don’t we listen to our intuition? The natural sense that our bodies need fueling? That our thoughts need validation? That our relationships need respect? Almost every day my friends and colleagues provide statements of self distrust. They “shouldn’t” have cut their workout session short (but what if your body needs rest?) or they should have completed that group exercise like they were “supposed” to (but what if you were caring for a loved one in the hospital?). Sure, there are times when we psyche ourselves out. When we lie to ourselves. But when we WANT something, our first response is to deny it. Put down that bagel! Take off those red shoes! Don’t say that comment that might be taken in the wrong way! s.

 I truly see a lot of women knowing what they want, and then telling themselves that it is bad to want it. And that’s just plain sad. It is not bad to want to sleep with Anderson Cooper…I mean, who wouldn’t? And it is not bad to want to get a pedicure. Perhaps it is bad to actually do so three days/nights in a row. Everything in moderation, right?

But what is bad is labeling your DESIRES as wrong. I believe that if a lot more women trusted themselves, then we’d be more gracious in our relationships, and embrace our inherent strengths.

trustyourself So I am starting a new project, inspired by Operation Beautiful. Every Monday, I am setting an intention for the week, for myself and for my loved ones. This week: TRUST yourself. I took this picture and made a postcard and am sending it to a friend who needs to hear this message. If this resonates with you, I challenge you to write it on a post it and send it to someone who needs encouragement. Comment here to let me know, and post it up on your blog if you have one….

How do you need to trust yourself more?

16 thoughts on “Trust Yourself

  1. I can relate because everyone had their doubts about June’s birth, but I had a gut feeling, confirmed through prayer. I’ll never know what would have happened, but the confidence of knowing that I followed through with my instinct in the last weeks of my pregnancy and throughout her birth process has carried me through the past 6 weeks when many are plagued with doubts and depression.

  2. I certainly need to trust myself more. Trust my wants, my NEEDS, and my feelings. All I do is question these things in my life, and it’s time I stop, accept them, and figure out how to handle them in ways that make me happy and keep me healthy. Thanks for this great idea!

  3. I think its so important to listen to ourselves because we often know if something is wrong. You always hear about the people who find cancer after going to five doctors because they KNEW something was wrong.

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  5. Great idea! I think I trust myself pretty well in most areas of life (relationships, work, etc) with the exception of…you guessed it…FOOD and weight stuff.

  6. I need to trust myself with school/career choices. I know I do not want to do clerical business, I am looking forward to a masters program I start in August, and I can’t wait to graduate, have my degree, and get a better job. But for some reason, I often think-well, what happens if I graduate and can’t find a job after because they (employers) think that my clerical work experiences aren’t good enough?? But then I think, so what, keep going and don’t worry–someone WILL hire a newbie on the block! SO, there are moments of doubt…

    Oh, jumbled thoughts!

  7. I don’t know if it’s my instinct but -much more likely – “a still small voice”. I find that when I follow the spirit, my actions are rewarded.
    Thanks for dropping by my place, and I’ll come back here often.

  8. I think a lot of the time we don’t follow our intuition because we’re scared of looking foolish. It can be hard to stand up for what we believe if that means challenging an authority figure or an accepted way of doing things.

    As for me, I need to trust myself more when it comes to my intuition about men. Although I’m not dating now, someday I might, and if that day comes, I know I need to stop giving second chances to guys who have already proven that I can’t trust them/rely on them/fill in the blank.

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